All ‘Sim Kims’ Are Go

Josh (Kim Suozzi’s main man) is on board for a Second Life Kim. Simulated Kim Suozzi (“Sim Kim” for short) is real and is happening.

I have created a new account for her on Second Life and set her up as a scripted agent. Now I just need to get her looking like Kim, get her scripted and get her some loafin’ space.

The Extropia Core sim is home to the SL Transhumanists and I think it would be the perfect place for Simulated Kim. I haven’t attended a meeting there in probably 3 years so I don’t know if they still have them, but the sim itself is still running and there are pods currently for rent. Sim Kim could totally command one of these pods for just L$250/week (USD $1/week).

Even if we rent a pod for Sim Kim, some sim owners are not too keen on having scripted agents hanging around on their property, so I’m going to talk to Extropia’s Board of Directors about letting her exist there as a resource for visitors and an in-world advocate for life extension technologies.

I think Kim would fit right in.


Kim Suozzi’s Second Chance At Life

My friend Kim Suozzi passed away (for the time being) this week. She had raised funds and arranged for cryopreservation, and is now in stasis at the Alcor facility in Scottsdale, AZ.

There are lots of people who have negative things to say about cryo, and about raising those types of funds for an outcome so uncertain. Some people think it is a waste, selfish or at worst, a complete scam. Yet, you’ve got tons of people out there who devote their entire lives (a waste?) to a belief in and worship of gods and alleged sons of gods who were sent specifically to erase their own little shitty sins (selfish?), and whose supporting organizations command millions of dollars in their name each year (a complete scam?).

My point is, we all have that want to determine our final fates to the best of our ability, and to put our faith and resources behind whatever options we think will put us in that best possible position.

Kim looked to science and to her community, and maybe one day she’ll get a tangible return on that faith. Maybe she will get a second chance at life in a world that holds more promise for her than the one she left behind. Doing her best to see to that while she was here was her right.

In the meantime, (and Kim probably would have thought this to be lame), I think we should get Kim Suozzi on Second Life so that she can have a new virtual presence while she waits, since her physical presence has been suspended indefinitely.

Too bad there isn’t an Alcor sim already in existence. She totally could have hung out there.

Super Supplement Plan

I am sick of getting all of these weird-ass infections. I stress out a lot and I don’t eat as healthy as I should/could, so my immune system is just on holiday or something.  My new health insurance doesn’t kick in until Feb. 1st, so until then I am forced to take matters into my own hands.

I am going to challenge myself to do all of the following for the next 30 days… at which point I will make an assessment as to whether or not I should continue doing all of the following:

1. Eat a decent or at least semi-decent breakfast every morning, along with which I will take:

  • 2 tablets Acidophilus (probiotic, good for your GI tract)
  • 1000 – 2000 mg. Garlic (good for your heart, kills gross things like fungus)
  • 50 mg. Zinc (helps keep immune system from slacking off)

2. Eat a decent or at least semi-decent lunch every afternoon, along with which I will take:

  • 1200 mg. Fish Oil (lots of omega-3s, good for heart, brain & joints)
  • 2500 mcg. Biotin (for healthier hair, skin and nails)
  • B-6, B-12 & Folic Acid (lots of metabolic goodness)

Starting tomorrow. So in one month (Thursday, February 7th), I should be able to look back and assess to some degree whether or not I actually feel better.

I better fucking feel better.

So That Was 2012? Not Too Shabby.

What happened with me in 2012? Quite a bit actually.

  • I met Molly Ringwald in February.
  • I nearly met John Cusack (well, I sat in the same room as him) in April.
  • I moved (on my own) out of my parents’ house and into my first apartment in June.
  • I worked up the guts to ask for a much-needed raise… also in June.
  • I started a somewhat serendipitous new relationship with someone from my recent past in July (totally did not see that one coming).
  • I didn’t receive the aforementioned raise, but I then worked up the guts to pursue a new opportunity for my own good in October.
  • I received said new opportunity in my desired field and for well-above my desired pay just 3 weeks before Christmas in December.

All-in-all, I could say it was a heck of a year. The things that happened happened fast, and all happened for a reason (or so I believe).
And if you consider the god-awfully depressing blog posts I was making around this time last year (December/January 2011, when I was crying every day and having brain zaps because I was on the wrong medication), the best thing that I was able to do for myself over the past year was get to an overall better state of mind (this happened incrementally every month thanks to all of the above).

I no longer want to undo my brother and I’s existence or burn down my parents’ house. I no longer have semi-suicidal thoughts associated with Christmas and New Year’s. My dream life has even calmed down.

Last New Year’s Eve I spent at my parents’ house, locked up in my room, blogging about how I was afraid of being alive and of how misleading this particular holiday is.

This New Year’s Eve I spent receiving mountains of free drinks from my closest guy friends, joining in a drunken sing-a-long to a ’90s cover band and being shamelessly loved upon.

As it fucking should be.