I just had one of those moments…

..with myself. I got up to turn on the ceiling fan. Turned on the ceiling fan. High speed. The fan was going so fast, but making such little noise. I left the room for a few minutes, and within just a few footsteps I could barely even hear the fan, except for a tiny buzzing. I had to pause there for a moment to analyze the sound and how this could be. How could something whirring so fast be so subtle? If you were standing even just a foot or two outside of the room, you’d never guess that the fan was on. For some reason, I was amazed by this for a good 2 to 3 minutes. It was probably one of the best sounds I have heard all summer…but I can’t really explain why.

Speaking of things I cannot explain..I should also share something even sillier. My dream last night. It was really bizarre (as if bizarre dreams are something new here..>_>)….But a brief disclaimer…this dream was not in any way explicitly sexual. Although it’s going to sound like it was, it really was not. In my dream, one of my female friends (in her first dream cameo) decided to invite me over to her apartment for dinner. Upon arriving there, I quickly realized that I was intoxicated… My friend then invited another mutual female friend over (a recurring dream character), who began to take advantage of the fact that I was intoxicated by drawing all over my bum with a permanent marker. Luckily, I was fully clothed..but that sucked for my dream self. However, dream self was a little too drunk to get mad at the friend for drawing on my clothing (let alone the clothing on my butt). I remember laughing a lot and telling this friend that they were doing great things (no idea what I was talking about…clearly dream drunk…)

Then, the only other thing I recall is later meeting a male friend in back of an Italian restaurant. There was a large grassy knoll with various flower patches and walking trails strewn throughout it. We kind of hopped around it for a bit, pointing out weeds and not having a whole lot to say. I was wearing a mauve dress. He was wearing slightly atypical guy clothing.

Last, but not least..more ear candy from 2007…Just stumbled upon this and thought it was groovy. Blast from the past yo, it’s happy robot rock.

Battles – Atlas

And some cutesy shit from The Go! Team…

The Go! Team – Grip Like A Vice

That’s all for now.


Neon Indian & tales of the wired…(weird?)

So I’ve fallen in love with a band (what’s new?).

Actually something IS new. I got braces! And I look like a tard. But, that’s no surprise….

Anyway, let me tell you about this band. They are beautiful. I can’t really do them justice by just talking about them, so check these out plz.

oh, and this…since I’m so grateful that ppl actually read this thing…

Dorkzilla's new grill...

Dorkzilla's new grill...

God, you know what’s really annoying?

The fact that researchers have been discovering new treatments and solutions to human medical and cosmetic concerns, but many of these will never hit the market because doctors, drug companies and cosmetic product industries don’t want to lose their business. People, this is the FUTURE we are throwing away. We are subjected to continually having to purchase less effective products (thanks to planned obsolescence) and receive medical care that is less than top notch, all for the fact that people are self-interested and really don’t want the public to be healthy and/or happy (at least not before spending all of its money on shitty products and convoluted services).

Prices on everything are jacked sky high, for results that aren’t usually worth the money spent obtaining them. Industries feel the need to create all of these specialized professions. My dad likes the example of needing the oral surgeon, the dentist, the orthodontist, etc, etc so that you can have three or more people making a living out of your mouth..as opposed to just one, as it used to be in the old days. There are helpful products that people could be using, but that will never see the light of day because drug companies buy them out and eat them up before anyone finds out that they exist…and then they proceed to sit on those products until it is almost always an “inopportune time’ to release them on the market (because of course, they have to make profits off of all of their other products that might be rendered unnecessary should they release the product on the market). Fuck them.

Exhibit A: In 2005, Loréal created a pill that could potentially change hair follicle shape from round to flat and vice versa. Useful? Maybe. It would sure cut out a lot of the chemical processing that millions of women (children & men also) have performed on their hair each year. Not only is chemical processing of hair unhealthy, since it fucks with the natural oils and ph balance of healthy hair, but also…it is fucking expensive. We throw millions of dollars away each year in pursuit of better hair (I know this first hand)…when really it could all be so much more simple.

However, this was back in 2005. Where the fuck is this pill now? If you Google it, you will find virtually no results more recent than 2005. It is nowhere to be found, thanks to the hair care industry’s irrational fear that a decreased demand for hair straightening and perming agents would be far too costly for their business (and by “costly” I mean, unprofitable).


Okay…not that this is the most relevant example of something really important…but you get the idea…

Exhibit B: This year, researchers at Harvard have uncovered the substance found in red wine (reservatrol) that is linked to longevity and decreased disease in older age. The study was based off of the observation that the French, who consume red wine on a regular basis, tend to be healthier overall into middle and older age, having less instances of Diabetes and Alzheimer’s, among other diseases, than their American counterparts (not surprising news here, folks). These researchers had developed a pill that would provide higher concentrations of reservatrol to be taken as a supplement, which could essentially act as a proverbial fountain of youth in pill form. The pill has the potential to help retard the effects of aging, using a compound naturally found in red grapes. HOWEVER, these dumb fuckers sold the pill to GlaxoSmithKline……uh #@%$! Why the FUCK would they do that?!

Oh right…..the $720 million. >_>

We all know that all Glaxo is going to do is sit on that pill until they’ve milked all of their other products (sales of which could be potentially threatened by this fountain of youth pill and its potential sister products). Who knows if that pill will ever see the light of day/market. This just in, it won’t. A big pharmaceutical company like Glaxo certainly doesn’t want to reverse the effects of aging. Healthy Americans hurt Glaxo’s business.



I’m going to vomit.

I get the feeling that…

This is just going to turn into a Second Life blog, because my First life isn’t nearly as interesting. :/ Anyway, just decided to post some updates about what’s going on…

Lainey has been hanging at the Gnarled Oak a lot recently, and has made a ton of new friends. There are some really interesting people there who know of a lot of great indie music. So naturally, I’m all over it. I’m going to begin DJing there probably within the next week or two. Did you know that you can make over L$1000 in tips in one night at the Oak?! I’ve seen it happen. I should only hope that I become that successful. Closer to home, I’ve also secured a post with the Old New York Times as an entertainment writer. In fact, I submitted my first piece on the Gnarled Oak last week. I’ll probably be writing about the Chelsea Hotel next (I’ve got connections with the lyceum series manager). Maybe I’ll get some brief interviews?

In other news, Lainey began renting an apartment on the Staten Island sim last week. (L$1200/wk. Very spacious. Great location.) and so far….I’ve had some interesting visitors. Two days ago, a strange lady showed up at my back porch claiming that she was a “vampire queen” and that she had seen me in dreams, traveling all this way (virtually) to find me. She asked if I was going to let her in. Having been forewarned about Second Life vampires, I cautiously opened my doors. I called myself being hospitable. I told her she could have a seat, and I offered her something to drink, but she didn’t seem interested in leading normal conversation. She instead began telling me about how she would never bite me, and how she and ghosts of her family would protect me. She then informed me that she would be back the following day, and that I shouldn’t open my doors for anyone else.

Well, yesterday, I was informed by my landlord that she found this woman, along with someone by the name of “bipbip” chilling in my apartment while I was away. She politely (I’m assuming) told them to leave the premises, and I have no heard from the vampire queen since. :/

Hm, anyway…I’m hoping to throw a party at my SL apartment soon. Only question is….how do I connect to the music stream for live DJing? And who will DJ? And now for some screencaps…


Looking cute in a top hat..

Looking cute in some designer clothes at the apartment

Looking cute in some designer clothes at the apartment

Getting her groove on with friends at the Oak (gin and tonic in hand)

Getting her groove on with friends at the Oak (gin and tonic in hand)

And that’s all for now.

This has gotten out of control…

My dreams for the past two nights have been trying to tell me something, but I’m really not certain what it is.

I have been frivolously engaging in intimate activities with close friends (just slow-dancing mostly, but still)….and was even harassed by several gentlemen in two pick-up trucks, who hurled glass bottles at me. What does this mean?

I also participated in a family reunion in last night’s dream…however, my “family” not only included Morgan Freeman, but also 15 to 20 black teenagers…all of whom were supposed to be my cousins?? The only real family member I recognized in the dream was my Aunt Alice, who seemed to coordinating the whole thing.

And then later in the dream, I helped a friend of mine kidnap several white teenagers and hold them hostage in his house. Like in virtually every horror flick, they tried to band together to figure out how to escape. Meanwhile, my friend and I discussed how they were like little lab creatures for us to perform social experiments on….and then we slow-danced to music videos in his room, while they scrambled for their lives.

If that isn’t bizarre….

Second Life

Hah, so I recently made an account on Second Life. Lainey Poleni, if you are curious. You can usually find me hanging out at swanky hispter lounges. Or looking for swanky hipster clothes.

I'm real cool...in a derisive "look at that fucking hipster" sort of way....

I'm really cool...in a derisive "look at that fucking hipster" sort of way....

4/20/09 Interview with Mark Fisher

Alright, so I recently contacted Mark Fisher, also known as K-Punk and the creator of the K-Punk blog, to try to answer some questions regarding hauntology. What he had to say was interesting indeed. Mark is a PHRE professor at Orpington, College in London and has a PhD in Philosophy and Literature:

What do you think is the ultimate aim of hauntology as a philosophy? As a method of sound production? As a genre?

Not to be difficult, but I don’t think that hauntology is a philosophy, a method of sound production or a genre. It’s more like a sensibility, a tendency – or better, a zeitgeist. What makes it a zeitgeist, a genuine cultural moment, is that there was convergence without influence. Independently, the artists involved began exploring a number of shared themes, approaches and preoccupations – and I see hauntology in terms of these, rather than a set of determinate aims.

Since it appears as if hauntology has a bit to do with the notion of collective memory and evoking a sense of nostalgia, do you think it is possible for younger listeners/readers or listeners/readers of differing cultural backgrounds to develop an appreciation of the techniques used by “hauntology” artists?

Sadly, I think that younger people can relate to hauntology – that is partly why hauntology is so current. I’m stunned by the level of knowledge and interest that many young people have of the popular culture of the 70s and 80s – I certainly didn’t have anything like that level of engagement with the 50s or 60s when I was growing up. The nostalgia involved in hauntology is a complicated, paradoxical one – it is a nostalgia for a lost future, a nostalgia for modernism. The reason that this type of nostalgia has emerged this decade is precisely because the culture is dominated by a formal nostalgia.

This isn’t the same as psychological nostalgia; it’s instead a kind of (often unwitting) reiteration of established forms. This kind of pastiche has become so widespread, so normalised, that it is scarcely noticed any more. So young people find themselves immersed in other people’s memories, another generation’s culture. Many of the most intelligent and inquisitive of them look back precisely in order to escape the current postmodern impasse.

As for different cultural backgrounds – I’m  not sure about thatone!

What makes a song or recording intrinsically hauntological? Is it the method of production? Or is it references back to the uncanny? Or both? Neither? Does it even make sense to try to “canonize” particular bands or artists as hauntological?

The most important thing is a sense of broken time, of what Simon Reynolds has called dyschronia, and the most obvious sonic marker of this is crackle – something foregrounded in the records of Burial, Philip Jeck, The Caretaker, Basinski, The Focus Group and Mordant Music. Crackle means that we are hearing double, hearing a present that is out of joint; it’s a textural trace of a temporal break. But of course crackle isn’t necessary for hauntology – it doesn’t play much of a role in the music of Belbury Poly, for instance. But there does have to be a sense that time is out of joint.

As for canonisation, I’m all in favour of it. Classifying groups or acts as hauntological produces a kind of theoretical surplus value – they each become more than what they previously were. Labelling them as hauntology doesn’t of course exhaust everything about them; it just isolates and emphasises certain features of what they do, allowing us to detect – and even invent – similarities and affinities between different acts. And this is far preferable to the dreary tendency to discuss culture in terms of individulal psychology and biography – an approach which, not coincidentally, has dominated during the period of restoration.

… Needless to say, I will be getting in touch with Mark again sometime in the near future for some follow-up questions.



TED is a wonderful website that houses talks from intellectuals, scientists and artists from around the world that have taken place at TED annual conferences. The section on technology and evolution is of particular interest for me, however there are a number of interesting talks here on a wide variety of topics in the arts and sciences. Give it a look-see.

Some awesome scientific finds:

A few tidbits from the science and technology communities that I’m keeping current on…

They just keep getting creepier…

So last night’s gem…I swear this isn’t supposed to be a dream journal, but my dreams are perhaps the most note-worthy things I have going on in my life right now…

Anyway, I dreamt that I was sleeping on a pull-out sofa bed in this large house. I noticed that in the room next to me was a girl (whom I didn’t recognize, but who had light brown hair) lounging on a sofa next to this boy, whom I am acquainted with in waking life (and whose identity shall remain undisclosed). Every once in a while Allison would come into the room and say something or change clothes and then leave (simliar to what happened whenever I was asleep in our dorm room). At one point she comes in and says “Aren’t you cold in those pajama shorts?” …Needless to say, I got up and changed into pajama pants and put on socks. But instead of returning to my pull-out bed….I somehow ended up on the sofa in the next room. However, the sofa was now empty except for me….or so I thought.

So I’m curled up at the end of this sofa, thinking I’m alone, when all of a sudden the boy scoots over to me and goes, “Wonderful. Now we can get to know each other a bit better.” I kid you not. SOMEthing creep-tastic along those lines. His voice didn’t sound normal. It was a lot deeper, smoother and almost “movie trailer narrator”-esque. I wondered where the hell the other girl had gone, so I asked him and he revealed that he didn’t like that girl, and that he was waiting for her to go so that he could talk to me. This was slyly accompanied by his hands roaming around my thighs. I sat there nervously. (don’t worry this dream remains PG-13).

So anyway, I remember freaking out. He then tried to convince me that I should kiss him, but I seemed very against this, and was still technically facing away from him. So it resulted in this awkward backwards neck-twisting scenario. I told him I was no good at kissing and at one point he reprimanded me for not doing it right. Whatever. So, this goes on for a moment or two, and then all of a sudden, in a very Sims 2 like fashion, he was on top of me. I cleared my throat or looked away or did something to indicate that we ought to rethink where this was going, because at that point he got up and walked away.

I remember feeling very insecure at this point, going through my dream mind all of the reasons why I did or didn’t want anything to happen between me and this individual. And then he came back with something in his hand that I couldn’t see, and just sat down and looked at me eagerly. I shrugged, and there was a mutual, unspoken understanding that whatever was about to take place, was no longer going to take place. And that was it.

Later on in the dream, I saw this boy on a couch with another girl (a blonde) while I was passing through with some people (I don’t remember what was going on), and he and this girl got up and left and I was pissed. But that was probably the most interesting portion of the dream. The rest of it was fairly uneventful, although at one point I did run into Corey and Charlene eating at a fried fish restaurant. Delmonico was also in my dream…I think me and some other students were helping her clean out her office, which was conveniently located in a trailer on the outskirts of campus…>_>. Something about me teaching a typing course?? Some food? I was on campus I think….

I don’t remember the rest.


Somehow I managed to survive the semester/year from hell. I’m finally getting to the point where graduating sounds less scary than being in school. But this summer means getting back on my A-game. I’m going to keep teaching myself ActionScript 3.0 (thanks, GR),  and I’m going to try to stay more current on the Hauntology scene. I might even get the chance to do a bit of writing this summer in between working and summer coursing. Maybe. Ugh, I have to get braces on the 27th….

Anyway, before I leave to go take a nap…I wanted to share with you some interesting tidbits from last night’s dream. Long story short…I cooked two hot dogs in a rotisserie DVD player, and lifted weights with some high school kids on what looked like the set of Zoom. … <_<

Hello, seniority.

I am so ready for junior year to be over. Sayonara, year from hell….

Once summer has officially begun, this blog will have officially begun. In other words, I will actually have time to post about things that are decidedly meaningful to the internet.  :0)