So That Was 2012? Not Too Shabby.

What happened with me in 2012? Quite a bit actually.

  • I met Molly Ringwald in February.
  • I nearly met John Cusack (well, I sat in the same room as him) in April.
  • I moved (on my own) out of my parents’ house and into my first apartment in June.
  • I worked up the guts to ask for a much-needed raise… also in June.
  • I started a somewhat serendipitous new relationship with someone from my recent past in July (totally did not see that one coming).
  • I didn’t receive the aforementioned raise, but I then worked up the guts to pursue a new opportunity for my own good in October.
  • I received said new opportunity in my desired field and for well-above my desired pay just 3 weeks before Christmas in December.

All-in-all, I could say it was a heck of a year. The things that happened happened fast, and all happened for a reason (or so I believe).
And if you consider the god-awfully depressing blog posts I was making around this time last year (December/January 2011, when I was crying every day and having brain zaps because I was on the wrong medication), the best thing that I was able to do for myself over the past year was get to an overall better state of mind (this happened incrementally every month thanks to all of the above).

I no longer want to undo my brother and I’s existence or burn down my parents’ house. I no longer have semi-suicidal thoughts associated with Christmas and New Year’s. My dream life has even calmed down.

Last New Year’s Eve I spent at my parents’ house, locked up in my room, blogging about how I was afraid of being alive and of how misleading this particular holiday is.

This New Year’s Eve I spent receiving mountains of free drinks from my closest guy friends, joining in a drunken sing-a-long to a ’90s cover band and being shamelessly loved upon.

As it fucking should be.


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