Unrelated to anything, but I really love this song.

Rockfour, anyone?



I want to pare down everything.

This is what I have been attempting to do all year. In my artwork. In my living spaces. In my relationships. Forthrightness. Cleanliness. Honesty. Getting rid of things I don’t need. Eliminating things I don’t use. Saying goodbye to things I don’t want. Trying to lead a more simplistic lifestyle so that I can focus on the important things in life? (i.e. eating well, honing skills, responsibly managing my money, connecting with people, exploring, enjoying my 20s, etc).

I have been giving away belongings all summer, and have made a lot of progress. Peeling away the layers of crap that I have surrounded myself with since childhood has felt really good and liberating, as it should. But somehow, I find that it is never enough. It’s like…I get this burst of energy to purge everything, and then I reach a plateau where I feel good about my progress and then I stop to pat myself on the back and ‘take a breather’…prematurely. Shortly thereafter I slowly continue accumulating more, when I should be at a stasis.

Life is complicated enough as it is. Why should I be over-complicating and over-cluttering mine with more and more things? I don’t need so many multiples of items that I don’t even use. I need to stop assuming I will need them later, when ‘later’ will more than likely not come any time soon. Once I crawl out from underneath the crap that I have been holding onto, then I can have no excuse not to start living…right?

What further complicates matters is that I feel like I am on self-imposed house arrest. Once my immediate surroundings become a minimalist haven, then what? I go to work. I come home. I go to work. I come home. I therapeutically indulge in teen dramas and transhumanist literature in my spare time, but beyond the obvious…I don’t do anything.

Remind me to consider finding some more useful hobbies once I am done putting my room on a diet.

So Ireland is really good at making hot guys.

Nothing new there. Nothing new here necessarily either beyond the fact that I’ve had an undisclosed Snow Patrol song stuck in my head for 4 days now (NOT “Chasing Cars,” ew). But I can’t really complain over anything that gives me more of an excuse to drool over YouTube videos of Irish hotties. Just sayin’.

In other news, some imagery from a dream I had on Sunday night was really vivid. So vivid, that I think the only way to convey it with any justice would be to draw a picture…

More details shortly.