Sorry. Another long dream post.

Another long, drawn out dream, documented as accurately as possible. This one is from last night. I was in a dorm room, hanging out with a boy. He had brown curly hair, and was wearing a plaid flanel shirt. I think he might have been Chris, but for some reason in the dream, I kept referring to him as Kevin Cowling? But since I’m not certain of his true identity, I’m going to refer to him as “Kyle” for the purposes of telling this dream.

Kyle was lounging on his bed with his laptop. There were several empty beer cans on his dresser. I remember the lights being low. I felt really strongly towards him, in a romantic sense. I sensed that he and I had been together for a long time, or that we were going to be together for a long time. There was a pervasive feeling of security. We talked about tons of things. I remember a lot of conversation flowing freely. I don’t even know what we were talking about, but everything felt really good. He kept trying to offer me a beer. His roommate, a black boy who was named like Ray or Robbie or something, was temporarily there, but soon left.

At one point, he put down his laptop, and got up. We started to slow dance in his room. It was nice until I heard an IM sound or something from another nearby laptop. It turned out to be my own laptop. I was apparently receiving an IM from another boy, asking me what I thought of him? I kept checking the screen, but refused to answer the IM. I remember seeing the number 50 somewhere in his IM, but don’t remember details about the rest. I remember trying to skirt around the fact that I had received an IM from anyone at all, and tried closing the laptop to muffle the IM alerts. I don’t remember what happened immediately following this.

The next part I remember is Kyle and I walking down a street. I think we were headed to a party. We heard and saw a lot of commotion outside of a house we were passing. There was a fire truck parked outside, and the front lawn was scorched. We learned that an elderly woman and her two teenage granddaughters lived there or something. There had been a fire. A lot of people were standing just outside the house. We went inside to see what was going on. It turned out that there was some sort of fancy socialite party going on inside, a party apparently thrown for the granddaughters.

The dream turned a little creepy at this point. Both of the granddaughters appeared to be either deformed or wrapped in bandages for reasons unknown to me at the time. Kyle and I stuck around. I remember one of the granddaughters taking off the bandages she had around her head. I was afraid, expecting to see her brain exposed or something. In reality, she was just covering up a burn that she had suffered on the side of her head. Her hair had started growing back a little over the damaged tissue, but it was mostly matted down to her head, whereas the rest of her hair was longer. I remember thinking that she was really cute when she took off her bandages. She kept complaining about how she was having a “permanent bad hair day”.

Later on at the same party, someone informed me that the girls were telling everyone that I had stolen their earrings. I looked down at my hand, and noticed that I was holding some long earrings that weren’t mine. I apparently had held them for the girl while she was removing bandages from her head. I sat down next to her, and laid out all of the jewelry that I possessed. I had various necklaces, earrings, and long feathered pieces that I assumed were worn as pendants. She picked out all of the ones that she believed to have been hers. She then started arbitrarily picking out pieces of my jewelry that she wanted. I let her have a few, but when she asked for the feather pendant, I refused. I told her she could not have any more of my jewelry. I noticed that all of the remaining jewelry happened to be in various shades of blue.

I don’t remember what happened immediately after this. The next part that I do remember was Kyle and I sitting down at a table in a warehouse, and beginning to unwrap cookies. It turned out that this “warehouse” was actually the SUB, but like…stripped of all of its decor and design. I remember seeing Kat Flaate there. She was talking to us about an event she was attending later on. It was apparently going to be something similar to a flash mob. The next thing I remember is Kyle and I standing in the middle of this warehouse with 40 or so other people (just a ton of people).

Kat was there again, as was Kate Elrod. We had all joined hands, and had formed three separate chains of people. We were all moving very quickly, linked and shifting around slowly at first, but then it seemed as if a surge of excitement ran through all of us at once. We gained momentum, running at different angles, curving the chains around corners. We reached a large garage in the warehouse, and as we neared the door, it drew open. At this point, everyone started running, still holding hands. There was a bustling street right outside. I’m pretty certain it was Franklin street. Cars were whizzing by, but regardless, we all bolted, hands joined, across the street. People swerved to avoid cars that showed no signs of stopping. It was kind of abrupt. A number of cars did not stop in time.

Luckily, Kyle and I made it across the street safely, along with several other people. Some people didn’t cross at all, and just stood in front of the warehouse. Then there were several unfortunate people who had gotten caught in the street and were struck by cars. There were 8 or so bodies lying in the street. I glanced at one of them, a young teenage boy, whose right leg had been crushed flat. I remember feeling really uncomfortable at this point. I watched the boy roll over in the street, and a group of people ran to his aid. More and more people stopped to get help for those who had been injured. If there is a dream equivalent of becoming dizzy and the world spinning, that is what happened. I remember that everything turned blurry and hazy, if it wasn’t already…

Kyle and I ran back across the street and hung back with the rest of the crowd inside the warehouse. Ambulances had arrived and had secured all of the injured people onto stretchers. We all stood by and watched as they rolled 8 or so stretchers past us and into several ambulances. Kyle told me he had to go do some stuff. The next thing I remember, is sitting at a table in the warehouse again. I sensed that I hadn’t seen Kyle in a while. Kyle came up next to me and put his arms around me, but I noticed that he was missing a leg. He had a stump of sorts that ended mid-thigh. I asked him what had happened to him, and he just said that he had lost his leg while doing something with his friends. I was really confused, but nonetheless told him that I was really sorry that had happened to him, and that I had wished he had told me this sooner. I felt myself losing interest in him now that he was missing a leg.

In retrospect, I feel really guilty and disoriented in regards to that dream. I don’t know how I have gotten onto this theme of injury, disease and deformity in my dreams lately, but I really wish it would stop. Am I afraid of getting hurt? Am I afraid someone I care about is going to get hurt? Physically? Emotionally? Academically? I do not know.