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*head scratch*

I wouldn’t call myself a regular viewer of Gossip Girl, but sometimes I wouldn’t mind having an anonymous informant sending me texts about the exploits of various members of my social circle. I oscillate between states of simply not caring, deliberately wanting to stay out of peoples’ personal business for moral reasons, and wanting to know exactly what they’ve been up to. Not knowing whether to care or not to care is somewhat of a struggle. I don’t mean any ill-will towards anyone, and I realize that the concept of a private life was created for a reason. But by the same token, I feel as if my social intelligence is sometimes not as sharp as it could be, and this might pose a potential threat to my relationships with people.

For example: It’s highly likely that I’m currently under the impression that someone is still dating a person with whom they broke up months ago, and consequently I’m liable to accidentally say something insensitive to them regarding their ex, simply due to my own misinformation. It just looks like I don’t care about them and haven’t bothered to keep tabs on their life. Doesn’t it? I would like for people to think that I care about them….I’m not saying that I don’t actually care about them, but I would like to also give off the appearance of having cared enough about them to at least snoop on the basics (i.e. whereabouts, health status, relationship status, etc.).  >_>

I guess I don’t have to snoop. I could go about staying socially current in a more respectable and direct (albeit, more annoying) way. I could just call people up on a regular basis and ask them exactly what has elapsed in their life since the last time I called (presumably this would happen on a weekly-ish basis). Though I get the feeling they probably would not tell me….seeing as I do not have a reputation for regularly calling anyone….

I have moments where I’m really tempted to pry, and sometimes I end up doing so. But many times, I can take a step back and realize that peoples’ personal lives are their own business, and that I need not concern myself with things of that nature that don’t involve me. It is usually unnecessary and could be a drain of my energies. That’s reasonable right? Am I a lazy friend if I don’t keep up wtih people? Or am I just respecting their privacy? Should I concern myself with peoples’ lives or not?? Is there a healthy balance between a laissez-faire attitude and actually giving a flip about the people around me?

I don’t know.

Wienerdog, Dawn

An obscure photo reference to 1995 Todd Solondz cult classic gold.

My mom prepared a snack for us the other afternoon (lol, that seems silly), and when I realized that it was fish sticks and Hawaiian punch, I had to chuckle. Fish sticks? Punch? I was soo Steve stopping by for an afternoon visit to the Wiener household. Hilarious!…I’m pretty fucking certain Dawn gives him fish sticks and Hawaiian punch, and he disgustingly snarfs it down, licking his fingers. He even makes a few weird noises.

I’ve watched and rewatched that scene so many times. In fact, Steve scarfing the fish sticks, probably ranks up there with *all* of the Brandon/Lolita/Ralphie/Mark scenes in that film as being my favorites scenes in that film. All of the eating that takes place in the film is really… gross..

Get a load of this finger-licking fish stick action.

Epic shoe post numero uno.

I woke up today really depressed about my future. And by my future, I mean my career potential. And by my career potential, I mean how long it will take me to before I can worm my way into a paid position at NASA once I graduate. My parents gave me a huge lecture over brunch about how I need to believe in myself (*eyeroll*) and how I need to go after the things I really want in life (*another eyeroll*). I was just trying to express to them the sentiment that I feel like I would be at a greater advantage at getting into a co-op or internship with the gov’t. agency of my choice (i.e. NASA), had I switched to a Computer Science major back in freshman year, when I nearly did…

They think I will be able to work my way into a career in science, easy as pie. My father, who worked for the government for 32 years as a military aircraft quality control specialist, is convinced that the gov’t. will swoop me up and train me for anything my ambitious little heart desires. Thanks, dad. But it’s not in my personality to be quite so optimistic, let alone believe anything you say. Regardless of how my future will play out in reality, I feel like I’ve got a looong and potentially treacherous road ahead of myself. Anyway, I got all down in the dumps and grumped around the house about how I would end up flipping burgers for the remainder of my life…when my mom suddenly had a wonderful idea: why don’t we go buy some shoes?

Now, I had no money for this and usually I don’t agree to a shopping excursion if I don’t have the financial means for it. But I guess the Jane Aldridge in me won out over my penny pinching tendencies…. so I enlisted mother’s help (she owed me money from helping her with some work anyway). I totally bought the cutest, most unique pair of heels I have tried on in a while. At first glance, I thought these heels were fucking hideous. I literally scoffed at them. But then I took a second look (from slightly farther away)…and when I dared to put them on my feet? Well, it was love at first stride.

When I put on these shoes, I feel decadent. And you know I’m not one to try to play up on sex appeal, but I really believe that these shoes are onto something, and that they have embarked upon a wonderfully sexy relationship with my legs. And if I paired them with the right skirt??…there’s no telling what sort of interesting adventures might ensue. How. exciting. is. that.

The shoes are from Bobbi Blu. Google image this and you’ll find a shit ton of unconventional looking pumps, sandals, wedges, boots and other styles, all very off-beat and sassy. The particular shoe I purchased is called ‘Edith’, and it apparently comes in peach, sage and black. Today I happened across the sage variety.


Bobbi Blu, 'Edith's in sage.

Bobbi Blu Women's Edith Sandal Sage

A rather sexy close-up.

I love love love the t-straps, peep-toes and ruffles, and there are so many colors in this shoe, that the outfit possibilities are endless. I could give or take the buttons up the center and the bows on the side, but…I do kind of like that they’re so girly and festive! I really thought they were puke-worthy when I first saw them, but the longer I had them on in the store, the more they grew on me. Here they are shown in the black and peach as well. The black ones might be even hotter than the sage ones, but it doesn’t matter…I would love these shoes in any color they could manufacture them in.


Bobbi Blu Women's Edith Sandal Natural

Definitely a solid investment. Now all I have to do is practice not looking like a complete asshole when I try to walk in heels, and I’ll be ready to knock em’ dead. I can’t get enough of these shoes. Whatever the equivalent of professing your undying love for and ultimately proposing to a pair of shoes is — I want to do that. But I think the only real way I can show my love for these puppies is by working them like they’ve never been worked before. And I’ve already gotten started with the following, eerie lo-fi rainbow shots of me modeling these shoes.

shy shot

shy shot

classy shot

classy shot

spanish shot

Spanish shot

money shot.

money shot.


I have been having increasingly odd dreams over the course of the past week. They began with a series of dreams regarding my ex, which was uncomfortable for obvious reasons.  Then I had a dream one night where I attended a party for a friend’s 21st, but it was a strange and horrible party. All of the attendees were the pre-teenage children of celebrities. Everyone was high and I didn’t know who most of the people were. The people that I did know were inexplicably mad at me…I couldn’t secure a ride home quickly enough before a fight broke out in the street. >_>

Now that I think about it…fights have been breaking out in most of my dreams this week. The dream I had last night makes me wonder if I haven’t been watching too much Star Trek. It was a difficult dream. The first part involved me being at a school where I was taking dance classes or something. I was wearing strange clothing and moving about on the floor with a large group of girls, all under the instruction of a teacher. Gabi Rivers was there..and I haven’t seen her in a good three years probably. Anyway, she and some of the other girls made fun of the way that I danced, and she tried to force me to spin on my head and perform other breakdance moves. It was embarrassing to say the least.

But the second part of the dream was perhaps the strangest, and most disappointing part for me. I was watching TV with a friend, and we were watching history programs or something. Then all of a sudden, I was at an airport in a large city with Kristen Bell, Hilary Duff and some brunette girl…whom I’m fairly certain I know in real life, but couldn’t readily identify. This city looked oddly futuristic. Most of the buildings were tinted blue or green, and the glass on most of the buildings looked to be interactive (I remember people standing at windows and pressing them like computer screens). We were supposedly working for this blonde guy who was a DJ at a local radio station/club, but he was also like a secret agent or something?? We ran to the club and found him DJing to throngs of people. I noticed that Spock was there in an orange jumpsuit. He looked like a prisoner, but I later found out that he was actually this DJ’s bodyguard…or at least he acted like he was some sort of security personnel.

Anyway, some kid in the club started causing trouble, and then there was all this drama and people were being marked as intruders and were being tracked. Some short kid with dreds was being chased through the lobby of the club, and I remember seeing the blonde DJ guy run out of the club and into the lobby. Then a huge fight broke out. There were police officers involved. I don’t remember what the fight was particularly about, but the last scene of it that I remember was Spock jumping and swinging from a fixture on the ceiling in order to kick one of the intruders. Except, I think a police officer might have thrown a switch somewhere in attempt to stop the fight, because the fixture that Spock was hanging from began to move upwards.

The next thing I remember is that it looked like Spock was getting tangled in the ceiling, and these little wires came and trapped him to the ceiling. They dragged him all the way across the ceiling to an adjacent wall, which I had thought was a blank white wall, but now noticed was completely made of glass. Once Spock was deposited inside of the wall, it began to like…engulf him with something. I learned that this glass wall was actually a very advanced bio-tech security measure. It was an incubator for some vicious virus that was used to trap intruders in the building and ultimately subject them to a slow and painful death. I watched as bodyguard Spock became engulfed in what looked like rapidly growing mold pods all around his body. I swore I saw what looked like bacteria out of a textbook, but extremely magnified until they were huge enough to devour a man. It was really digusting.

Some guy who claimed to be a maintenance guy was suddenly standing there and was trying to paint over the wall that Spock was trapped and decaying in, and he was complaining about how having to paint the wall now that there was a dead body in it.

I was watching this whole thing, but I didn’t know what to do. I wanted to save Spock, but no one else seemed to care that he had just been trapped in a disease wall! The drama just continued as if it had never happened. Spock was supposedly a side-kick for this DJ guy, but this guy didn’t care and fled the club to save his own ass…I think. Either way, I was fucking pissed as I fully expected him to try to save Spock the way that Captain Kirk would have…but this guy was a coward. Hilary was still there, and we were joined by Hayden Panetierre (there were just a bunch of celebrities in this dream). We were running around trying to keep ourselves out of the cross-fire. We left the club, and ran into some guy who expressed an interest in Hilary. We sat down to talk to him, but I was still thinking about what had happened to Spock.

The last thing I remember is the blonde DJ guy returning to his club, but the short kid with dreds was there again, and he had the DJ’s face put on surveillance or something. Now all of the security personel in the building were after the DJ. He fled the club again, and that’s about when I woke up. I was so angry! I had no idea what the drama was all about, who that stupid kid was, or why the DJ was in trouble at his own club….but I couldn’t believe he just let Spock die! It was so disappointing.

I was disappointed.

I own these now.

Set of 2 Drinking Glasses

They are so beautiful. I dunno why that second one seems lop-sided, but I don’t care either.

I’m not perfect, so I shouldn’t expect the glass to be perfect either. Nothing in this world is.

There’s a song that I really want to post here, but it’s not on YouTube. I can purchase the space upgrade and upload mp3s? Is it worth $15? Perhaps not currently…

Remember that one time..

that I said I was never going to post photos of myself on this blog ever again? Well I lied. I had a little too much photobooth/shop fun today, and the result was the following set of funky, faux-artsy images of myself changing shirts, sniffing combs, wearing floppy hats, fucking with my hair, and picking idly at my face. I’m useless and I’m wasting my life away is what it is.

Wearin' a floppeh hat.

Wearin' a floppeh hat & feelin' good.

Sniffing my comb as promised.

Sniffing my comb as promised.

Clearly in distress since I lost color in my left arm.

In distress since the color has drained from my left arm.

This exercise turned out rather eerily.

What a creep!

Hi. I'm racially confused. (!얼마나 귀여운 보십시오! ulzzang??!?)

Racially confused?? (!그러나 귀여운! ulzzang??!?)

Bby girl be workin' those wires.

Bby girl be workin' those wires.

I have some sort of fascination with the saturation of color or lack thereof. Today was more of a ‘lack thereof’ kind of day as you can tell. But perhaps it is symbolic. Maybe my life is becoming lackluster. Maybe I’m in need of a 180 (or a haircut). You be the judge.

I really have nothing of substance to discuss in this post to be honest. I had heavier wires installed in my face today. All summer I’ve gone with light blue ties for my brackets, but I realized that this was making me look like a 15 year old girl. So instead I’ve switched to gray, a much more unassuming color. It doesn’t draw too much attention to my teeth, and fits nicely with my medium skin tone and dark features. It’s my new favorite bracket tie color (is that a weird thing to have?)

I’ve just really fallen more and more in love with neutrals as I’ve gotten older. Neutrals and near-neutral versions of earth tones. Take the color “mushroom” for instance. I’ve been eBaying and etsying like a mad woman this week. And it just so happens that  a large portion of the items I’ve been eyeing (namely knee boots, drinking glasses, and Korean and Japanese apparel) come in this “mushroom” color. I do not like mushrooms. I don’t like the way they look/taste/smell/feel, etc. But the one thing I will give mushrooms credit for is having a nice color, and I’m willing to buy products that come in “mushroom”…regardless of the fact that I do not like mushrooms.

The purchases I’ve undertaken this week include black shorts with shoulder straps; a corset-waist, under-the-bust dress with straps; some knee boots (in mushroom); two pairs of denim leggings (originally quite popular in Japan/skinniest jeans evr/bought one got one free?!); aaand potentially some tumblers and kitchen cups (most likely also in mushroom).

I’ll keep you posted.

I think I’m in love

With this man.

With this song.

With this super hot Samus zero suit cosplay.


She can sure work some pvc...

With this super hot Princess Rosetta cosplay.

I like guys, and even I would try to get her number.


And with these shoes.

Paul & Joe Sister; Gypsy Velvet Wedges; Spring/Summer 09 collection

The wedges were apparently spotted on Ashley Tisdale earlier this year (yuk). More respectably however, Zoë Saldana has been spotted sporting a similar, but shorter, non-wedge, slightly more buckle-y variant of this style by Emilio Pucci. Concept is essentially the same though: strappedy strappy strap strap.