O_O He wrote back.

K-Punk replied to my e-mail! This is really exciting. For those of you who aren’t hip to the hauntology scene, Mark Fisher, a.k.a K-Punk, is one of the primary writers/bloggers on hauntology and sonic hauntology. He’s written a lot of analysis on hauntological artists and is overall pretty badass. I’m addicted to his blog.

Anyway, I e-mailed him with some questions regarding my current hauntology research, and he wrote back! And some of the things he had to say were really intriguing. Perhaps withthin the next week I will post the e-mail interview here.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, check it out:





And then check these artists out:








I cannot get over this song.

Not only is it beautiful, but it is beautifully haunting. And don’t get me started on haunting music. Although I do feel a hauntology post coming on rather shortly, Kanno is not a hauntological composer. At least not as far as current hauntology canon is concerned.
Still, this particular piece engages in its own form of temporal and emotional ‘follow the leader’. It builds up seemingly forever, leading you into the most satisfying sense of anticipation and then somehow just confirms something that you already knew. Or that you might have known, thematically at least.
It leaves me feeling like I’m still waiting for something or someone to take place, yet somewhat hopefully….in other words, it just keeps presenting me back to my entire life.
It is genial really. Simply put, Kanno’s work is incredibly emotive. This may or may not explain the 167 and growing play count. >_>


In my dream last night, someone that I know randomly said to me “your secret makes you lonely.”


on a similar vein…”The darker the hair, the wilder the heart,”and  Jack Nicholson’s “Your art evokes in me a happiness so real,” are among the more memorable dream quotes of mine…

Hey guess what: I owe you.

Jessica Endaya – $5.75

Shaun Gaynor – $5.00 & a pretentious mix

Beta Omega Beta – $50.00 paid.

Allison Sissom – $1.00 also paid.

Mum & Dad – my life

Dr. Warwick – my allegiance

Porcelain gods – approx. 6 liters of vomit

Sensationalists, people that don’t know what’s good for them and other harbingers of dumbfuckery – not a damned thing


Loving the smell of debt at 3:44 in the morning…

I have been dangerously close to vomiting and being vomited upon this week….

It appears that vomiting is becoming a recurring subject of interest in my life. No, I haven’t developed an eating disorder. However, I am becoming a bit concerned for my own mental health and/or gastrointensinal safety. My stomach has been unusually sensitive for the past several weeks. And it seems like the more emotional trauma I incur, the more violently my stomach threatens to react. If you can at all equate shock and disappointment with being swiftly kicked in the abdomen by the hind leg of a horse…you might begin to understand just where I am coming from.

Last night I dreamt that my roommate puked on me. I then dreamt that a male friend of mine (whose identity shall remain undisclosed), who had witnessed this, proceeded to console me..*ahem”..sexually. I don’t know what any of this means, but this evening after a series of strange, useless and somewhat unfortunate events, my stomach is in such a state where I feel as if my gag reflex is taunting me, inches away from reacquainting me with those chicken strips I had around 4:30….

What the fuck is going on? My stomach has always been an indicator of troubles elsewhere aboard the ship. My mom told me that when I was a little one, I was taken to the hospital for continuous complaining of stomach pains. The doctors however, found nothing physically wrong with me and concluded that it was stress. Ever since, my stomach and I have been in this blissfully abusive relationship, where he gets all gurgly and sassy whenever I’m even remotely emotionally disturbed.

This seems to be similar to the relationship I have with my head. Like the stomach incident, I once had to undergo medical evaluation for prolonged complaints of headaches. I had an MRI done, and of course…nothing to be found in there. I mean…..you know what I mean. No legit reason for the pain. No brain tumors or portly blood vessels. Just good old fashioned physical manifestation of psychological distress.

Again, a third example: freshman year – I randomly developed the shingles (srsly?) at the end of/beginning of one of the most traumatic semesters I’ve had thus far (this semester tops it though). Not to mention, impending emotional doom.

My body is seriously good for nothing more than alerting me (in numerous ways) to the fact that I’m weak. So note to self: grow a pair (and then pray to god that they don’t start hurting…)