Everyone Is A Critic

The Raven came out last night (I saw it), and it is getting some awful reviews. The critics are panning it.

Although I wouldn’t say it’s his strongest film, it’s not his worst. It won’t make my top 10 favorite John Cusack films.

It felt like something was a bit off, or maybe something was missing at the end? I’m not certain. Maybe it just wasn’t consistent.

The squirting blood was a bit gratuitous.

But what I love about this whole thing is how John just says that people will appreciate it later.


And then there’s Howard Stern…

John Cusack’s recent interview with Howard Stern is amusing beyond words.

Some really silly questions were asked, but some really great answers were given. John is intelligent and carefully chooses his words, but he still seems as though he’s being legit. He’s respectful and tactful when it comes to answering questions about past squeezes. He interviews very well. He has this habit of turning the question back on the interviewer when he doesn’t really want to give an answer. With Howard, of course, that’s most questions…

John is a gentleman, does not go into specifics about his sexual life, and won’t confirm any crude insinuations…and there were many. He denied relations with most of the women Howard called him out on.

Howard Stern: “I’ve had enough of your lies, John.”

I am sort of disappointed that John turned down Apollo 13 because he ” didn’t want to go to space.” WTF, JOHN? YOU DON’T WANT TO GO TO SPACE?


Btw, I still adore you.

*Tears* Aw, Joanie Loves Johnny

Joan gave such a sweet speech about John at his Walk of Fame induction on Tuesday. You can tell that they’re super close, and that she adores him. She started choking up at the end! Heck, I almost started crying watching her say all of these things about him AND I DON’T EVEN KNOW EITHER OF THEM.

In every interview that I’ve seen of John’s, whenever someone asks him about Joan he just lights up. And he’s totally glowing in this video during her speech. It’s too adorable.


Look, Ma! They Gave Me A Star!

John Cusack was inducted into the Hollywood Walk of Fame today. What a babe.

He looks so happy.
I bet he went out to celebrate with family and friends at a ritzy restaurant afterwards.
I bet he’s sitting somewhere right now feeling rather accomplished.
If today’s Twitter Q+A is any judge, he’s in a great mood this week — just got a star, new movie out stateside on Friday.
It must be pretty good to be John Cusack right about now.

Can I be John Cusack?

Is It Weird That I Want to Date The Corrs?

I would probably go on a date with any member of The Corrs? They’re all so attractive…

They are all attractive, and Irish, and musically gifted, and perfect?

Fun Facts:

I actually remember watching that Today Show broadcast on St. Patty’s Day 2001 because I knew the Corrs would be performing.

They sounded really horrible that day.

St. Patty’s Day is also Caroline Corr’s birthday (and my half birthday).

Caroline Corr is one of my favorite female drummers. She’s not a terribly technical drummer, but she hits hard and plays the groove well.

Caroline Corr may be married with three kids, but I still believe that she and I are meant to be.

I Need to Go on Sabbatical. Like Now.

I cannot get better within the context of this monotonous wake up>go to work>come home>go to sleep>wake up>go to work cycle.

Something about this entire scheme is fundamentally impeding my progress. Once I feel like I’ve taken a step forward, the agenda requires that I then take two steps back.

I’m never going to get anywhere this way. I need to break out of the entire cycle completely if I am going to get better. Digging yourself out of a hole that encompasses everything is, in itself, a full-time job.

As far as my relation to my own situation is concerned, I need to become an outsider looking in.