All ‘Sim Kims’ Are Go

Josh (Kim Suozzi’s main man) is on board for a Second Life Kim. Simulated Kim Suozzi (“Sim Kim” for short) is real and is happening.

I have created a new account for her on Second Life and set her up as a scripted agent. Now I just need to get her looking like Kim, get her scripted and get her some loafin’ space.

The Extropia Core sim is home to the SL Transhumanists and I think it would be the perfect place for Simulated Kim. I haven’t attended a meeting there in probably 3 years so I don’t know if they still have them, but the sim itself is still running and there are pods currently for rent. Sim Kim could totally command one of these pods for just L$250/week (USD $1/week).

Even if we rent a pod for Sim Kim, some sim owners are not too keen on having scripted agents hanging around on their property, so I’m going to talk to Extropia’s Board of Directors about letting her exist there as a resource for visitors and an in-world advocate for life extension technologies.

I think Kim would fit right in.


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