Alright, no srsly.

I’m going to begin blogging about things that matter. I really am. I’ve just been dragging my feet.



Somehow I managed to survive the semester/year from hell. I’m finally getting to the point where graduating sounds less scary than being in school. But this summer means getting back on my A-game. I’m going to keep teaching myself ActionScript 3.0 (thanks, GR),  and I’m going to try to stay more current on the Hauntology scene. I might even get the chance to do a bit of writing this summer in between working and summer coursing. Maybe. Ugh, I have to get braces on the 27th….

Anyway, before I leave to go take a nap…I wanted to share with you some interesting tidbits from last night’s dream. Long story short…I cooked two hot dogs in a rotisserie DVD player, and lifted weights with some high school kids on what looked like the set of Zoom. … <_<

Hello, seniority.

I am so ready for junior year to be over. Sayonara, year from hell….

Once summer has officially begun, this blog will have officially begun. In other words, I will actually have time to post about things that are decidedly meaningful to the internet.  :0)

It all amounts to nothing in the end

If there is one thing that I hate about music (and I love music), it’s the fact that no one else can ever truly experience a song the way that you do. You can feel somewhat of an emotional connection to the singer or songwriter or musician…but the song is a different experience for each person who performs it or hears it.

There are so many intangible things that a song can make you feel, but it’s like there is no true way to possibly express those feelings to another individual…or there is no true way of knowing that the song makes them feel the same way.

One song can be a unique world that can only ever be explored by one person at a time. I would like to say that as typically social creatures, people should be able to share these things…and I guess in a superficial way we do/we claim to….but no one else can ever really know what goes on between one person and a song.

It just sucks because certain songs can take you to really amazing places…places no one else can ever truly go. I guess just idolizing whoever made the song(s) will have to suffice….