And then there’s Howard Stern…

John Cusack’s recent interview with Howard Stern is amusing beyond words.

Some really silly questions were asked, but some really great answers were given. John is intelligent and carefully chooses his words, but he still seems as though he’s being legit. He’s respectful and tactful when it comes to answering questions about past squeezes. He interviews very well. He has this habit of turning the question back on the interviewer when he doesn’t really want to give an answer. With Howard, of course, that’s most questions…

John is a gentleman, does not go into specifics about his sexual life, and won’t confirm any crude insinuations…and there were many. He denied relations with most of the women Howard called him out on.

Howard Stern: “I’ve had enough of your lies, John.”

I am sort of disappointed that John turned down Apollo 13 because he ” didn’t want to go to space.” WTF, JOHN? YOU DON’T WANT TO GO TO SPACE?


Btw, I still adore you.


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