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In the current chapter of Understanding Media that I’m in, “Reversal of the Overheated Medium,” Marshall says something like the following:

The endless reversals or break boundaries passed in the interplay of the structures of bureaucracy and enterprise include the point at which individuals began to be held responsible and accountable for their “private actions.” That was the moment of the collapse of tribal collective authority. Centuries later, when further explosion and expansion had exhausted the powers of private action, corporate enterprise invented the idea of Public Debt, making the individual privately accountable for group action.”

In this whole chapter, he goes on about how society can experience role reversals thanks in part to technological break boundaries. So I’m gonna go ahead and assume that right now, since we are in a period of increasing implosion (technologically speaking), there is soon to be another role reversal, one in which groups of individuals (or rather corporate groups who like to masquerade as “individuals” by demanding the rights of an individual) will become responsible and accountable for their “public actions.”


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