I Met A Molly


As anticipated, I met Molly Ringwald this past weekend at the 25th Annual Working Women’s Survival Show. She looks so great! She spoke for 50 minutes on her latest book, which covers everything from parenthood, to fashion, to loving your body and making time for yourself, to of course… what it was like being John Hughes’ teen angst poster girl in the 80s. She was pretty friendly, well-spoken and seemed like a sweetheart.

I look silly of course. But she’s so cute!

I did something remarkably silly though… after her talk when I went backstage with the radio station winner and on-air talent. When I walked up to her and introduced myself, I felt like I didn’t make enough eye contact with her. I think I was so nervous, I’m not really certain where I was looking, but I can’t remember what it was like to be face-to-face with her for some reason. I must have turned my eyes off. But my mouth was certainly still on. I just couldn’t control the word vomit. For any of you who have seen Pretty In Pink, you might remember the adorable scene in the high school hallway where Duckie says to Andie: “This is a really volcanic ensemble you’re wearing, it’s really marvelous!”…

I didn’t. No…yes, I did. I said it to her. >_< She had on this really cute outfit, with a cream and black top, black knee-high boots and a bright red skirt, and before I knew what was happening, “that is a truly volcanic ensemble” just spilled right out of my mouth. She chuckled though! I made Molly Ringwald chuckle. Life = complete-ish. 🙂

One other really awesome thing to note? I got to sit front and center during her talk (like literally a foot in front of her podium), and not long into her presentation, a petite man came and sat down right next to me. I tried not to look directly at him (because he was right next to me), but I thought he looked a little familiar…and then my suspicions were confirmed — I was sitting RIGHT NEXT to Molly Ringwald’s husband Panio the entire time!! Every once in a while when her PowerPoint slides weren’t working, she would look down at him and he would just seem confused. I felt all weird and tingly about it. I felt too embarrassed to snap any photos of her with her hubby sitting right next to me, so unfortunately I didn’t get any pics of her speaking. :/


Molly & Panio!

So what’s next? I’m going to obtain a copy of her book, Getting the Pretty Back.


I shall share with you my findings.


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