So Here’s A Question…

…Why were the 80s so sweaty? I feel like in a number of the images taken of people during the 1980s that I have encountered throughout my life, everyone always looks sweaty. It’s like everyone was continually engaged in strenuous activities…or had spent some quality time under a heat lamp. Maybe it was all the Flashdancing…or maybe just the jheri curl juice. Either way, I suspect that everyone and everything was sweaty.

Honest to goodness, when I think of the 80s, the first things that come to mind are sweaty cheeseburgers (and/or sweaty cheeseburger wrappers), lycra, neon lights and high-tops.

Michael, you're sweaty.

Sweaty Cheeseburger

This boy band achieved its peak of fame in the mid 80s.

Menudo, All of you are sweaty.

Michael, you look sweaty.

Sweaty Taco Bell employees

Everyone in this photo is sweaty.

Impossibly sweaty.

Everything was sweaty. All of you were sweaty. You were all just sweaty.


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