I’m Usually Pretty Good at Not Spending Money

And when I do, I’d like to think that it’s pretty well-directed. I go into stores, I stick to my mission. I know what I’m looking for. If they have it, great. If not, why waste time? However, tonight I got a little carried away at the drugstore after work.

Here were today’s finds:

1) A 2012 Avalon planner in brown.

Things about Friday will be jotted here.

This will be good for jotting down things about 2012. My 2011 planner served me pretty well last year, but this one is nicer and more spacious (not that it necessarily means I will have more events to fill the space with. All that extra space will just paint a more visually accurate picture of how little of a life I lead.)

2) An apple-inspired tote.

This will be good for toting apple-inspired food items to work (e.g. apples, apple bread pudding, apple juice, apple flavored rice cakes, apple oatmeal packets, etc.) I am just kidding. I plan to tote a larger variety of breakfast and lunch items in this tote. I wonder if this is a purchase that I will later regret.

3) A sock monkey.

I think I’m naming this little guy “Beets.” I just looked at him and felt like his name would be Beets (or rather “Beatz,” but I’m not really cool enough for all of the coolness that would imply). I think he will get along quite nicely with my other two sock monkeys, Mr. John CuSock (a gift from a co-worker) and Roberta (a gift from my dear friend Kelly. Roberta has on a red vest and holds a little oval plaque with my name on it.) As you can see, I’m slowly amassing a nice little collection of monkeys. One of these days I’ll post a sock monkey family photo of the three of them together.

Other purchases of the night included some Febreeze (clean linen scent), hydrogen peroxide (for gargling), and a 10-pack of black ballpoint pens (for jottin’).

I’m off to remove the cat hair from some of my bedsheets while I finish watching The Thin Red Line.

Arf, arf, arf.


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