I’m Awake Now

It’s almost 1:30. I just woke up feeling extremely dizzy and disoriented. I had to wake up.

I was stuck talking to some girl who wanted me to help her voice this children’s book about who knows what… the only line I remember reading was printed diagonally on a wooden plank drawn on the page: “The most interesting thing was how they all believed that Jesus Christ was their savior.” I kid you not.

And this book had the same page printed like 8 times in a row. And the girl wouldn’t stop watching me use the restroom every time I got up in frustration. And she wouldn’t tell me about what I really wanted to know which was whether Catherine Dutchess of Cambridge (a.ka. Princess Kate Middleton, a.k.a P.K.-Middy) was really having an affair with John Cusack. That was the rumor du jour. Oddly enough, I think I started it…

But either way, I was tired of talking to that bitch, so I had to wake up.

I’m sick of the people I keep meeting in my dreams. They are either completely inept and oblivious to what’s relevant, and/or they directly obstruct what ever my goal is in the dream. And I realize they are obstructing it. And I think they realize they are obstructing it. And I think my subconscious is just some asshole chick with nothing better to do than give me the run-around once she realizes I’ve been asleep for too long.


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