“Holiday Heathen”

Sorry to be such a Scrooge, but when it comes to the holiday season, I legitimately enjoy New Year’s…and that’s about it. The more years that come to pass, the less and less interested I become in the cultural cluster-fuck* that is Christmas. I’m all for wonder and merryment … but aren’t those things that we can pretend to promote all year round? Why exactly do we need Christmas to come along to tell us that it’s time to be generous? And are Christmas gifts any more sincere or valuable than gifts given any other time of the year? No, of course not.

Christmas is probably the one time of year when I feel the least sincere.

Also, I more or less love these alternative holiday cards.

*Sorry, I wasn’t very clear here. First you’re bombarded with all of these THINGS and shit as early as October. Then all of the major retail outlets turn into madhouses where throngs of people go to lose their humanity in order to snag a deal on something that will be obsolete in a year’s time anyway. Then everyone suddenly finds themselves broke or in debt, not to mention guilted into the mindless giving of THINGS to people who already have plenty of THINGS. Then all of that stuff gets returned and it becomes apparent that it really isn’t the thought that counts anymore. And then you have the Christmas-humping groups like the American Family Association who claim that everyone everywhere is trying to attack them and their values while they proceed to shove those same values down everyone’s throats. And finally it’s all said to be done in the name of good will towards men.


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