Edgy Things (revised)

On the Edge and The Edge of Love ended up being two really great films. On the Edge really resonated with me, though it’s largely about self-harm. There were some really stellar scenes in that one, especially the ones involving Tricia Vessey’s Rachel.

Tricia Vessey as Rachel

Not only was she beautiful, but something about the way Rachel was, just felt so endearing and right. The pairing of Rachel with Cillian’s Jonathan was bittersweet (since it leads to tragedy for someone else), but resonated with me. Rachel’s bizarre blood fetish was another point of intrigue. Except towards the end, she wouldn’t stop crying and I couldn’t quite relate anymore …I mean, she had good reason to cry, but by that point in the film I wasn’t submerged enough in her anymore to understand. There were a few points during the film where I thought I might cry, but I didn’t or couldn’t. I think this is because they kept talking about death, which seemed like a non-emotive subject to me at the time.

I also really enjoyed Jonathan Jackson’s Toby. He had some of the best lines, but his ending is…not happy. Other than that, the soundtrack for this film was fantastic and Cillian also had some great lines.

The Edge of Love, where he stars opposite Keira Knightley, Sienna Miller and Matthew Rhys, was pretty fabulous as well. I will admit that I pretty much hated Matthew Rhys’ character Dylan. I hated the character, but Rhys himself was good. What I liked most about this movie was probably Sienna Miller, and it just makes me want to see Hippie Hippie Shake even more; in Hippie Hippie Shake, Sienna and Cillian play a young couple in 1960s London who become involved in a censorship case. Production on that one has wrapped, and I’m pretty certain it has been in post for the past year…but it has yet to be released.

Right now, I am on Second Life with some people…and I was convinced that I should imbibe. I think I might have been a little too dehydrated to begin with though, and so now I feel real weird. Am going to lie down now.


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