Cillian Murphy Movie Marathon (updated)

So a few months ago I said I was watching movies with this guy (^^^) in them, right? Well, I am back at that whole business. Yesterday/today I watched Perrier’s Bounty. I also added a few more films to the list…

Disco Pigs


Batman Begins (seen it long ago, need to rewatch)

The Dark Knight

28 Days Later

Red Eye


Water (short film)

The Wind that Shakes the Barley

Girl With the Pearl Earring

Watching the Detectives

Breakfast on Pluto



Perrier’s Bounty

Cold Mountain (he only appears in this for like..2 mins. And I have seen those 2 mins., so…)

The Edge of Love

On the Edge


Zonad (I have seen a segment of this short film on YouTube)

A Man of Few Words (short film)

The Tale of Sweety Barrett

The Way We Live Now (TV mini-series)

Hippie Hippie Shake

How Harry Became a Tree

Watchmen (another short film)

Filleann An Feall

More short films and cameos to be added later…And rumor has it that Cillian has an uncredited/surprise cameo appearance in Tron: Legacy? According to the internet, his role in the film has maybe been kept under wraps to prepare for his introduction as a potential villain in the third Tron installment. <_< This has the potential to be really cool, but it also has the potential to be unforgivably lame (at no fault of Cillian’s, of course). I will conduct further investigation on Friday…

But I mean… I’m not gonna sit here and lie and say that the idea of joining two of my favorite things in life (Cillian Murphy and virtual reality) doesn’t make me want to pee my pants at least a little bit.

I just hope it is done tastefully. His cameo, that is… not the me potentially peeing myself.


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