Oh, brother….another weird dream.

Last night’s dream was a little weird.

I dreamt that I had 3 or 4 brothers, and that I moved into a house with just them. I was younger in this dream — I felt to be a 12 year old girl. Only one of my brothers actually looked like me…although, I suspect I looked differently in this dream as well. One of my brothers I actually recognized as a co-worker of mine…the other brother was my real life brother, and the last brother I recognized as the bully Owen from Degrassi..>_>

Anyway, all I remember is waiting for one of my guy friends to show up for a movie marathon. He showed up with a friend of his (a girl), and they were wearing these identical, ugly, skimpy snakeskin dresses with fishnet stockings and boots. He said they had been out shopping. I remember feeling disgusted by their purchase, and I wanted to kick them out of the house.

I went back to my room, where I encountered my third brother (Owen from Degrassi). Apparently he and I were supposed to share a bedroom. He threatened to rape me, and kept talking about how if I tried to tell anyone, he hurt me. I was very scared. I ran out and called my mom. She showed up, and in another room I told her about what my “brother” had threatened. She was very upset by this and declared that I move out of that bedroom. I told my other brothers as well. The brother who happens to also be a co-worker of mine in real life, began dancing with me. Owen showed up and made an overtly sexual, raunchy comment towards me…and the brother who was dancing with me turned around and defended me.

That is the last I remember.


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