Cillian Murphy Movie Marathon

Oh, to be Yvonne McGuinness for a day...

This month I am embarking upon a much needed, much too belated film viewing expedition where I watch every film that Cillian Murphy has ever made. I have always been drawn to those eyes, his consistently perfect hair, his remarkable on-screen versatility and that lovely Cork accent (which he can also hide rather convincingly). Quite an actor indeed. So I am uncertain why I have waited until now to serial film stalk him. Guess I was too busy drooling over Gordo and Spock… Anyway, here’s my progress thus far:

Disco Pigs


Batman Begins (seen it long ago, need to rewatch)

The Dark Knight

28 Days Later

Red Eye



The Wind that Shakes the Barley

Girl With the Pearl Earring

Watching the Detectives

Breakfast on Pluto



On the Edge

Hippie Hippie Shake

and the list will continue in a later post…I will keep you updated.


5 thoughts on “Cillian Murphy Movie Marathon

  1. I, too, have become obsessed with Cillian Murphy. I am presently watching all his films and am amazed how fantastic an actor he really is. Of course, he has to be the most beautiful person on earth. And, I just finished THE EDGE OF LOVE, I didn’t see it on your list. Don’t miss this movie, you will fall in love with him. The scene when he returns from war, etc. When I see him I just think OMG.

    • Thanks for the recommendation! I Just watched Perrier’s Bounty and was pretty pleased with his performance (as usual). I’ll have to check that one out next.

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