Here are those dreams I was supposed to post 3(ish?) months ago? Part I

So the following are the brief snippets of recollections of dreams that took place a few months ago. I apologize that these are somewhat incoherent, but I can no longer fill in the details that I originally left out. It has been too long since these dreams occurred. Anyway, I’ll break these up into more palatable chunks…

I dreamt that I had awoken and was shaving my legs on my cousin Vincent’s couch.  Soon I discovered that the house had been turned into a homeless shelter/church service/youth center. One clearly mentally disabled woman came up to me and asked me whether or not she could have a pancake if she paid the homeowners 35 cents. I said I didn’t know. Another woman, who appeared to be somewhat in charge of the whole operation, told the woman that she could have a pancake if she came back the next day. I called Vincent and told him what was going on at the house. I also asked him if I should give the woman a pancake, and he promptly told me ‘No, do not give. Mrs. Brown a pancake.’.

At this point, I got into a heated argument with my mother. She accused me of leaving wrapped tampons lying around the living room. I was outraged. I remember throwing tampons at her, one after another. I feel like this is highly symbolic of something, but I’m not certain what (becoming pregnant against her wishes?). I wonder this because the previous night, I had a dream where at a family get-together, I tried to draw attention to the fact that my dream self had put on a considerable amount of weight — an effect I soon discovered was due to pregnancy.

I am also reminded of one dream that I had during high school, in which I found myself in a bathroom stall. On the walls of the stall were inscribed words that I have long forgotten. But the one image I do remember is of myself wearing a lacey white dress that had some very noticeable blood stains on it. Freud & co. would certainly have a field day with the stuff my subconscious serves me.

Another snippet of something I documented(?)

“I didn’t want the student teacher to know that A) I hadn’t quite finished my test, and B) I had cheated a little on the test questions I *had* finished.

I got in the car with Allison. We were being followed. I was afraid we were going to be mugged, shot at, or hit by another car. But Allison lost our pursuers.”

I dreamt that I was observing a couple who were writing some sort of report for a government agency. They started off writing it together, but decided to each write their own versions when the husband decided that he wanted to use bogus data. The wife, who was the more morally just of the two, stuck to the real facts. When government officials came to their apartment to review the reports, they first wanted to offer the husband a large sum of money for his report, as it incorporated the more compelling evidence. However, the wife later pulled the government officials aside and told them not to accept her husband’s report because it had been largely fabricated. Instead, she had them read her version of the report — the real report. When the husband returned home, he learned that his fraudulent practices had been exposed by his wife.


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