Is this me posting a blog entry?


I just slept for 16 hours. Much-needed after last week’s traumatic academic show down. Had a potentially inappropriate dream…depending on how you define “inappropriate”. Also, this semester is threatening to start kicking my rear if I don’t start…as Prof. Pauls would call it….”working smarter”, not harder. >_>.

Spring break plans? As follows:

Take a shower.

Get a haircut.

Work on capstone?

Disconnect from the world.

Figure out how to nicely frame my drawing assignment.

Write a paper?

Attend all of the doctor’s appointments that I have scheduled.

Eat as much greasy food as I can possibly stand (except not).

Sulk, and then immediately stop feeling sorry for myself.

Resolve to meet new people in Kirksville and try to feel like I’m close to these people before I leave.

Who knows? Maybe I will post last night’s dream. All I remember is that at one point I was the pink power ranger…and then at a later point, I was playing match-maker to two people I barely know (acquaintances), and who would probably hardly work well together anyway. But I have the lurking suspicion that my dream self had a secretly vested interest in one of the parties involved? Strange.

What else has happened lately? I have been continuously buying things I don’t need off of eBay. I need to find a b&w dress when I go home? Maybe also some shoes? I dunno. I need to find a lot of things. I have been listening to a lot of the Editors, Los Campesinos!, and the Lost in Translation soundtrack. I have also been seriously fighting off urges to play Second Life.


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