Please keep any derisive comments to yourself

Because this post is about Second Life….well, partially.

So I’m really down in the dumps right now because of school, and there are only three things that could potentially cheer me up. One of them is asleep right now (boyfriend). One of them I just finished consuming (cereal). And the other is a virtual world (Second Life).

Listen, I’m not going to lie or pretend like I’m cooler than or above these sorts of pastimes: I’ve really been missing my Second Life lately, and all of my virtual friends, activities and hangouts that I had over the summer. If that makes me sound dorky, then so be it. I like what I like, and I do what I want…





There was something comforting about playing Second Life. I miss Lainey and her quirky friends. I even miss all of the silly virtual drama (and there was tons of it…). But most of all, I just miss being able to explore different worlds for hours on end while not having any real outside responsibilities (and by “not having” I mean “not needing to immediately attend to…”) I’m not entirely certain why I’m so easily sucked into virtual worlds and God-games. But you know I could have worse vices, really. I won’t go into details about the things that slightly concerned me about my Second Life usage, but I do see the value of taking a few months off from playing. I dunno…I just keep thinking about it.

Enough about that though. I’m beginning to feel really inadequate. I’ve had Pnau and Pnau remixes on repeat for a week or so. It makes me feel better. As does this super spooky, Halloween-appropriate Ladyhawke video. She’s so 80s all the time, which is fine with me. Also, her “boyfriend” in this video is super cute…too bad we only see him asleep…

Speaking of Halloween, I will be back on Friday most likely with a preview of my super sultry Halloween costume.

…Also speaking of spooky, I think I just hallucinated something out of the corner of my left eye.

That means it’s time for bed.

Later, d00ds.


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