Last week’s dream

I am going to post two recent dreams in a series. The following dream is from earlier this week. I recorded it a few days ago, but have dragged my feet to post it. The one in the next post is from last night.

About two weeks ago, I dreamt that I was an employee at the United States Treasury, and that people would just walk in off the street and try to get change or pawn objects. This one guy comes in. He looks like he might have been a construction worker of some sort. He throws down a bunch of coins and two little white plastic bottles. I identified one of the coins as a silver dollar, which he apparently did not know.

He then explained to me that the two little white bottles were somehow used in the construction of turrets. I examined the bottles. They looked like containers used to administer or collect fluids with a tiny syringe attachment.They had a bit of red fluid in the bottom of them. He said that this fluid was a special wax that they used as a sealant. Some of the fluid got on my fingers. I told him I would have to call my administrator to see what I could do about giving him paper currency for the silver dollar and the bottles.

I got on the phone, and after waiting on the line a while, the man’s wife showed up. She had a baby carrier with her. While still waiting on the phone, I asked if I could see the child. She uncovered a baby boy, lifting him out of the carrier. When I saw the baby’s face, I was repulsed. He was very unattractive. His eyes appeared as lumpy red slits, and his nose looked like it had been smashed in. I held him briefly, but he cried a lot. I gave him back to his mother. When I looked at her face, I realized that she had the same facial features as the boy. I was really disturbed by this.

Then I guess my administrator came on the line, and after describing to my administrator what the man had brought in, I was instructed to have him immediately removed from the Treasury premises and to call the CDC. I hung up the phone and said “You have to leave.” The man, realizing that I had been warned of his mal-intent, grinned, took the two white plastic bottles, and quickly left. I reached to contact the CDC, but I started to dial 911. Before I could even hear the ring, ambulances and police vehicles pulled up in front of the door.

An officer informed me that they had been called on my behalf by the administrator. He said that the man who had just left was wanted in that county for disseminating the H1N1 virus via a red waxy substance, which turned out to be samples of his own blood. I assume that for the purposes of this dream, “blood”, or this waxy bio-substance, was also a conduit for H1N1 viral particles. An EMT came and carefully washed my hands of the red fluid.

Meanwhile, there were large quantities of people who were trying to get into the Treasury. I told them that there was a health emergency, and that they needed to evacuate or remain far away from the lobby of the building. But these people, primarily older women, kept trying to flood the lobby. I physically tried to block entryways, but they poured in from stairwells, other doors, windows… They all had gifts, and cakes, and cards. It was apparently my birthday? They all kept trying to wish me happy birthday, and I was like…you stupid godforsaken women! Don’t you know there’s a virus on the loose in here?!

I couldn’t stop them from pouring in. It turned into some sort of social gathering. I was at a country home all of a sudden, but it was filled with older women and also debutantes. Young Jewish girls. It was a bat mitzvah. It was also simultaneously my birthday? I walked around and noticed that all of the young girls were wearing combinations of brown and blue in dresses that looked like they were purchased from Kohl’s or Macy’s. I overheard that this was the color combo of the season.


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