Is the only way to describe it.

It's so white!

Just beautiful

A rather fat glass of milk I poured myself the other day. I was almost taken aback by how gorgeous and pure it looked.

Don’t get all anal on me and start commenting about all of the impurities potentially found in store-bought milk. I do not care. Also I am referring more to the purity of its appearance. Similar to water…yet, when I think pure…I think of milk as opposed to water. Perhaps it’s the whiteness of it? Not all white substances are pure. But this one, this particular one….it has this association with it, this indelible association with childhood, but more significantly innocence. Perhaps that’s why I’m so attracted to the idea of milk….that is plus the fact that it tastes amazing.

This is really what this blog is all about….how much I adore milk.

Speaking of pure and clean …. I have a new retail crush.

MUJI is one of those no-brand stores that sells simply designed products that >_> <_< aren’t branded. The products are free to be independent objects of the world, no corporate strings attached (I mean, besides MUJI strings).  Has anyone been to a MUJI yet? Let’s go to New York.

It reminds of this article I read a few years ago about this d00d who wore only unbranded clothing and used only generic household products for an entire year. He said it like changed his life or something? I dunno, I’d say you should read it, but…it is nowhere to be found.

Speaking of clothing, I’m becoming more and more lax about actually wearing clothing while at home now. I was going to post a picture I took possibly captioned “Meh, no pants.”…but then I realized that it is a photo of myself in which I am meh…not wearing any pants. So I had to nix that one.

Lastly, a disturbing thing of note….if you Google “wore no brands” but only go as far as “wore no b–“…it will offer the most common search queries that seem similar to “wore no b–“…which apparently include “what if there were no black people?” and “what would the world be like if there were no black people?”. Try it.


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