I would like to clarify something.

…because there is apparently some confusion about what it is I am looking for in a friendship.

I am going to try to state this as plainly as possible. I am not, nor have I ever been an entirely sarcastic person. I enjoy sincerity, and I would hope that people take the majority of things I say at face value. It is not that I am shallow or have underdeveloped thoughts. I just don’t want anyone to feel like they have to dig through 9 layers of bullshit or annoyingly obscure references to understand what I am saying. I can become extremely literal if need be.

Is everyone so disenchanted with sincerity that we now have to try to prove the more forgettable perks of knowing one another? Are the end times really so near that we have to develop war-like strategies just to get a lol? Or is this a forecast to what the burgeoning singularity of super-intelligence will be like? …where we just meme ourselves into oblivion after all of our referents are long gone, and where everyone is so endlessly intelligent that our interactions, including our conduction of humor, cease to be intelligible. If the only types of relationships left are the overly indexical ones, then I don’t know that I want to have friends.

I understand that you’re really trendy, or that you’re really smart, or that you have a lot of nuances or something….but that doesn’t mean that I would like to bullshit away an entire friendship on convoluted humor. It’s just as bad as extended small talk*, if not certainly worse…And for the record, I don’t feel reaffirmed by people who only affirm my friendship after I am “clever” with them. Clever, as a commodity, is a dime a dozen these days. So don’t act like it speaks some wonder for my personality if I can formulate, or worse yet, regurgitate jokes with you.

You’re right. This rant is rather pointed. It is coming out of my frustrations with people who are seemingly incapable of being genuine with me. You don’t have to water yourself down to be my friend, but the more concentrated you claim to be, the more I am tempted to think you are a mostly watered-down individual anyway. I understand that jokes, sarcasm and pretentious banter make for really effective defense mechanisms…but they are also pretty effective at derailing communication at times when that is not the desired effect. They quickly lose novelty if you do not know when to refrain. Hence why I am bored with this.

*making small talk with people you have already established relationships with.


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