Party Foul.

I hate that I have to be so anal about this, but…I’m going to bitch briefly about something.

Last night my housemates threw a party and I agreed to DJ or whatever. I don’t mind DJing, but I do mind when random people decide to manipulate my playlist w/o consulting me first.

For example….if I had a penny for every time I was at ATO and didn’t want to hear a song they were playing, I’d probably be loaded. Have I ever been vocal about it? On occasion, yes. But would I ever go behind the DJ booth and start raiding their iPods? Uh, no. Call me pretentious, but I’m not in the business of undermining the DJ.

Maybe I’m just overly irritable and sensitive when I’ve had a bit to drink, but I was pretty offended. So for future reference…unless you’re my best friend, please don’t assume you can switch songs on my iPod when you’re attending a party at my house.

Thank you.


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