I’m so excited to start this book.


Kim is loaning it to me for the time being because she knows how much I enjoy transhumanist talk. Props to you, Kim. I think Kurzweil has another book entitled The Age of Intelligent Machines….I might look into that one next.

In other news, in order to relieve a bit of stress, I’d like to share with you a list of things that I find particularly annoying as of late:

1. rainy weather.

2. sudden breakouts all over your face.

3. friends who mean well but can’t give you any meaningful advice.

4. boys who supposedly liked you, but pussied out for petty and/or undisclosed (i.e. petty) reasons.

5. the fact that I have allowed too many of these boys to waste my time.

6. the fact that I can’t readily identify or spend enough time with the ones who actually do care about me.

7. professors who think it’s funny to be obnoxious both in and outside of class.

8. developing a sore on the inside of your ear.

9. having no motivation to do any of your schoolwork.

10. kitties who are determined to wake you up at 7 in the morning with their incessant meowing.

11. becoming hungry at inopportune times (e.g. during class, in the middle of your sleep, while in transit to a non-food-serving place, etc.)

…And what’s great about this list, is that I only have the power to sufficiently control like 4 of these misfortunes….

I’m going to bed.


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