21 or something.

I had somewhere in the vicinity of 7 shots last night? I was feeling pretty woozy and spaced out after a while at Gino’s, but other than that I felt and feel perfectly coherent and fine..

That is, excluding the sensation of being gang-stabbed in the heart by a few people I have cared about.

Photo 129

It’s as though I was watching a really sad play like two years ago, and now I’m watching it again…except the actors are different. And now every once in a while, a previous actor makes a cameo, just for the sake of further convoluting the already complicated plot. Seriously, who did the casting for this freakshow? I want no further part in this.

But on the bright side, I made a ton of progress on my pot in ceramics today, I get to watch Star Trek tonight on a big screen, with like…10 or so of my closest friends? And then I’m going to get wasted and dance until I pass out.

Photo 121

I can already see the silver lining on this storm cloud of a week.


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