Milestones, milestones..

Hey! This blog has reached 2,001 (a space odyssey) sips! That’s pretty cool.

Continuing on in the numbers containing 2 & 1 trend, tomorrow is my 21st birthday. Woop woop.

How do I plan to celebrate? Well…I plan to watch the season premiere episode of Gossip Girl online (you ready for this, Cathy?). I also intend to parade around campus (or maybe just a few bars) in my favorite pair of high heels…and by parade I mean something along the lines of falling on my ass multiple times and making a fool out of myself and feeling like an idiot. But, I estimate that this will all be worth it for the mere fact that these heels are hot! Please refer to my post from August 10th if you have no idea which heels I am talking about.

Also, I’m currently in the process of shitting out some really sappy poetry. You may or might not find these gems in an upcoming issue of the Gadfly…so keep your eyes peeled. ^_^

More later.


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