hallo, kwitten.

That whole bitch rant password post thing is not really my style. No hard feelings from Friday night. But really, after the social oddities and mishaps of this weekend, perhaps a post more like the following is really what I need this blog to be about…



Aw bbybbbybbybbbybbybybbybybybybyb

Aw bbybbbybbybbbybbybybbybybybybyb


Omg look at the camera Mikey not me!

What? Where are we going?

Omgwhatacutelittledude. Hey! Where are we going?

Alright clearly Mikey doesn't like this.

Look at the fucking camera, cat.

Alright, clearly Mikey doesn’t like this. Things started getting a little blurry towards the end because my little fuzzy friend was getting antsy. Oh well, you at least now have seen my housemates and I’s new little person. The animal shelter named him Mikey. This name may or may not stick. We’ll see.

But helovesme.

More on this and other matters later.


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