Reppin’ da gurlz.

I am totally digging Courtney and Cathy’s radio show right now. They don’t know this yet, but I am their number 1 fan. I think what they are doing is beautiful, and I fully intend to live vicariously through what will be their instant radio stardom. Their set is beautifully complimenting my mood right now, and it’s not that often that this happens when I turn on the radio (aka web stream — yes, it’s back and better than ever). It’s like a dream set, and my obsessing over it is keeping me from doing my homework. I highly recommend.

I’m also kind of in the mood for pictures of Scarlett Johansson right now.

Scarlett Johansson

If you were wondering how my procedure today went? Well….they hooked me up to all sorts of appliances, put a breathing tube in my nose, gave me some gas that smelled funny (not technically general anesthesia, but a still very powerful sedative that achieved essentially the same effect of knocking me out completely). The next thing I remember…I was being prodded awake, and it was all over.

My colon is perfectly healthy, as are my esophagus and tummy…and intestines. They said that I was so small that they had to use a childrens’ scope. Oops. I would share with you the snapshots they took from inside my guts but…I will spare you that viewing pleasure and will keep the gut shots to myself (IM me if you’re curious.)


2 thoughts on “Reppin’ da gurlz.

  1. Scarlett is sooo voluptuous and pretty. And can you live vicariously through more than one thing?? I’m glad to hear about your : (get it?).

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