Ugh. I’m hungry already.

I consummated my first night with this new bed by having a strange dream.

I was at a party, lounging on a couch. I was dressed really casually and my hair looked awful. I think it was all choppy and short or something, some style that wasn’t flattering on me. I was waiting for some girl to show up to the party so that I could talk to her. I think she was a BOB. But just a second or two after she arrived, a male acquaintance of mine unexpectedly showed up. I barely know this person in real life and didn’t really have a reason to react to his presence, but for some reason I bolted out of the room.

I ran into a basement or something. It looked like a dressing room because there were ironing boards and mirrors with lights around them, and dresses strewn about everywhere. There was a pack of heat up curlers on one of the ironing boards, and I turned it on. I started combing and curling my hair. I think I was freaking out because this guy had shown up and I didn’t look presentable. After a while, I went back upstairs to see if my friend was still there. Apparently she was. I hadn’t technically returned to the party, but what seemed like an hour later I went back down to the dressing room to finish my hair and make-up. There was smoke coming from the ironing board. Apparently I had left the curling set on too long, and had stupidly draped some clothing over it. The clothes were burnt to a crisp, and the curler set itself was like disintegrating from its own heat.

But the curlers and the fabric were not the only thing that had been damaged. I went to the mirror to check my hair, and all of a sudden my skin was 4 shades darker, but my hair was several inches longer and had turned almost blonde. I stared at myself for a while, and these really angry looking red rashes and patches of skin discoloration started to appear around my lips and cheeks. My face was burning in the mirror as I watched it. I turned off the curler set and was just screaming and crying and covering my face. Somehow the curling set had given me first and second degree burns all over my face even though I had no longer had any curlers in my hair.

Then it was daytime and I was walking in an alley somewhere. I think I might have just left the party. That guy who showed up earlier came running up to me. He put his arm around me and kissed my cheek, and I totally flipped out. I covered up my face and told him that I couldn’t hang out with him because I had been burned. In some ways, it was kind of his fault, but I refused to let him see my face nevertheless. He tried to pry my fingers off it so he could see me, and he kept doing weird things like kissing me on the neck. That’s the last I remember of that.

For the latter half of the dream, I found myself working at a movie theatre/dairy queen/radio station….and it appeared that I didn’t have a very good relationship with any of my coworkers, because I kept walking in on them talking shit about me behind my back. They would complain any time I tried to make something to serve to customers, or any time I messed with the controls. The very last bit of the dream I remember is sitting in a large loft with Kate Elrod. Apparently we were house-sitting for Rufus Humphrey? (from Gossip Girl). Some Realtor came by to appraise the loft or something…and Kate and I talked to him on behalf of Rufus….I dunno, it was weird.

In other news, I can’t really eat much of anything today. I have to mix up some nasty stuff to drink this evening so that I can clean out my GI tract since I’m having an upper and lower endoscopy performed tomorrow. Wish me luck.


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