meow. *is back* meow.

Alright so, I have enjoyed taking this leetle hiatus from blogging about unimportant things, and now I have returned, and shall continue, I guess, blogging about unimportant things.

Last night I felt like such a lost kitty, wandering from house to house in search of milks* with gingerly outstretched paw.

* (i.e. friends). Look, I know you’re not supposed to give kitties cow’s milk.

For as much as I have complained about last weekend and this first full week of classes, it has been a real adventure during which I accomplished all of the following things:

1. Managed to get srsly sloshed and dance barefoot in ATO’s basement (choices, ppl, choices)…as well as treat myself to a tasty bit of vomit…both real vomit and word vomit…

2. Received a number of apparel items in the mail from Hong Kong, only to find that they are for like srsly polly pocket sized people, despite their claimed measurements.

3. Perfectly timed the walk from E. Jefferson street to Barnett Hall (approx. 25mins at brisk pace; 30 if I’m more leisurely taking in the scenery)

4. Managed to get sick (pick up swine flu?) and miss a full day of classes.

5. Managed to recover from said missed day of classes by successfully(?) building a mug for ceramics, pwning a Modern Art quiz, and having all of my VisComm IV homework completed to some tolerable degree of quality.

6. Made a huge fool of myself in front of Joyce, Kim and Kim’s boyfriend Josh when attempting to get on and ride my bike for the first time.

7. Had a design identity crisis at Cathy’s, and divulged my deepest, darkest VisComm secrets….

8. Had the opportunity to eat lunch with some cool people over the course of the week, including, but not limited to: Cathy, Chris, Christi, Courtney, Jeremy, John, Joyce, Kayla and Kayleigh…in alphabetical order, not necessarily in order of when I ate with them or how much I enjoyed their company, mind you.

9. Ordered a large 3-topping pizza and order of cheese stiks from Papa John’s, and proceeding to stuff my face with Joyce, Cathy and Allie whilst endulging in episode after episode of Gossip Girl omg best idea evr.

10. Pet an unbelievably precious, sweet little kitten named Thomas Blake at a friend of a friend’s house, and absolutely fell in love (I wanted to scoop this cat up into my arms/life/heart)

Overall a great week.


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