*head scratch*

I wouldn’t call myself a regular viewer of Gossip Girl, but sometimes I wouldn’t mind having an anonymous informant sending me texts about the exploits of various members of my social circle. I oscillate between states of simply not caring, deliberately wanting to stay out of peoples’ personal business for moral reasons, and wanting to know exactly what they’ve been up to. Not knowing whether to care or not to care is somewhat of a struggle. I don’t mean any ill-will towards anyone, and I realize that the concept of a private life was created for a reason. But by the same token, I feel as if my social intelligence is sometimes not as sharp as it could be, and this might pose a potential threat to my relationships with people.

For example: It’s highly likely that I’m currently under the impression that someone is still dating a person with whom they broke up months ago, and consequently I’m liable to accidentally say something insensitive to them regarding their ex, simply due to my own misinformation. It just looks like I don’t care about them and haven’t bothered to keep tabs on their life. Doesn’t it? I would like for people to think that I care about them….I’m not saying that I don’t actually care about them, but I would like to also give off the appearance of having cared enough about them to at least snoop on the basics (i.e. whereabouts, health status, relationship status, etc.).  >_>

I guess I don’t have to snoop. I could go about staying socially current in a more respectable and direct (albeit, more annoying) way. I could just call people up on a regular basis and ask them exactly what has elapsed in their life since the last time I called (presumably this would happen on a weekly-ish basis). Though I get the feeling they probably would not tell me….seeing as I do not have a reputation for regularly calling anyone….

I have moments where I’m really tempted to pry, and sometimes I end up doing so. But many times, I can take a step back and realize that peoples’ personal lives are their own business, and that I need not concern myself with things of that nature that don’t involve me. It is usually unnecessary and could be a drain of my energies. That’s reasonable right? Am I a lazy friend if I don’t keep up wtih people? Or am I just respecting their privacy? Should I concern myself with peoples’ lives or not?? Is there a healthy balance between a laissez-faire attitude and actually giving a flip about the people around me?

I don’t know.


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