Epic shoe post numero uno.

I woke up today really depressed about my future. And by my future, I mean my career potential. And by my career potential, I mean how long it will take me to before I can worm my way into a paid position at NASA once I graduate. My parents gave me a huge lecture over brunch about how I need to believe in myself (*eyeroll*) and how I need to go after the things I really want in life (*another eyeroll*). I was just trying to express to them the sentiment that I feel like I would be at a greater advantage at getting into a co-op or internship with the gov’t. agency of my choice (i.e. NASA), had I switched to a Computer Science major back in freshman year, when I nearly did…

They think I will be able to work my way into a career in science, easy as pie. My father, who worked for the government for 32 years as a military aircraft quality control specialist, is convinced that the gov’t. will swoop me up and train me for anything my ambitious little heart desires. Thanks, dad. But it’s not in my personality to be quite so optimistic, let alone believe anything you say. Regardless of how my future will play out in reality, I feel like I’ve got a looong and potentially treacherous road ahead of myself. Anyway, I got all down in the dumps and grumped around the house about how I would end up flipping burgers for the remainder of my life…when my mom suddenly had a wonderful idea: why don’t we go buy some shoes?

Now, I had no money for this and usually I don’t agree to a shopping excursion if I don’t have the financial means for it. But I guess the Jane Aldridge in me won out over my penny pinching tendencies…. so I enlisted mother’s help (she owed me money from helping her with some work anyway). I totally bought the cutest, most unique pair of heels I have tried on in a while. At first glance, I thought these heels were fucking hideous. I literally scoffed at them. But then I took a second look (from slightly farther away)…and when I dared to put them on my feet? Well, it was love at first stride.

When I put on these shoes, I feel decadent. And you know I’m not one to try to play up on sex appeal, but I really believe that these shoes are onto something, and that they have embarked upon a wonderfully sexy relationship with my legs. And if I paired them with the right skirt??…there’s no telling what sort of interesting adventures might ensue. How. exciting. is. that.

The shoes are from Bobbi Blu. Google image this and you’ll find a shit ton of unconventional looking pumps, sandals, wedges, boots and other styles, all very off-beat and sassy. The particular shoe I purchased is called ‘Edith’, and it apparently comes in peach, sage and black. Today I happened across the sage variety.


Bobbi Blu, 'Edith's in sage.

Bobbi Blu Women's Edith Sandal Sage

A rather sexy close-up.

I love love love the t-straps, peep-toes and ruffles, and there are so many colors in this shoe, that the outfit possibilities are endless. I could give or take the buttons up the center and the bows on the side, but…I do kind of like that they’re so girly and festive! I really thought they were puke-worthy when I first saw them, but the longer I had them on in the store, the more they grew on me. Here they are shown in the black and peach as well. The black ones might be even hotter than the sage ones, but it doesn’t matter…I would love these shoes in any color they could manufacture them in.


Bobbi Blu Women's Edith Sandal Natural

Definitely a solid investment. Now all I have to do is practice not looking like a complete asshole when I try to walk in heels, and I’ll be ready to knock em’ dead. I can’t get enough of these shoes. Whatever the equivalent of professing your undying love for and ultimately proposing to a pair of shoes is — I want to do that. But I think the only real way I can show my love for these puppies is by working them like they’ve never been worked before. And I’ve already gotten started with the following, eerie lo-fi rainbow shots of me modeling these shoes.

shy shot

shy shot

classy shot

classy shot

spanish shot

Spanish shot

money shot.

money shot.


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