Remember that one time..

that I said I was never going to post photos of myself on this blog ever again? Well I lied. I had a little too much photobooth/shop fun today, and the result was the following set of funky, faux-artsy images of myself changing shirts, sniffing combs, wearing floppy hats, fucking with my hair, and picking idly at my face. I’m useless and I’m wasting my life away is what it is.

Wearin' a floppeh hat.

Wearin' a floppeh hat & feelin' good.

Sniffing my comb as promised.

Sniffing my comb as promised.

Clearly in distress since I lost color in my left arm.

In distress since the color has drained from my left arm.

This exercise turned out rather eerily.

What a creep!

Hi. I'm racially confused. (!얼마나 귀여운 보십시오! ulzzang??!?)

Racially confused?? (!그러나 귀여운! ulzzang??!?)

Bby girl be workin' those wires.

Bby girl be workin' those wires.

I have some sort of fascination with the saturation of color or lack thereof. Today was more of a ‘lack thereof’ kind of day as you can tell. But perhaps it is symbolic. Maybe my life is becoming lackluster. Maybe I’m in need of a 180 (or a haircut). You be the judge.

I really have nothing of substance to discuss in this post to be honest. I had heavier wires installed in my face today. All summer I’ve gone with light blue ties for my brackets, but I realized that this was making me look like a 15 year old girl. So instead I’ve switched to gray, a much more unassuming color. It doesn’t draw too much attention to my teeth, and fits nicely with my medium skin tone and dark features. It’s my new favorite bracket tie color (is that a weird thing to have?)

I’ve just really fallen more and more in love with neutrals as I’ve gotten older. Neutrals and near-neutral versions of earth tones. Take the color “mushroom” for instance. I’ve been eBaying and etsying like a mad woman this week. And it just so happens that  a large portion of the items I’ve been eyeing (namely knee boots, drinking glasses, and Korean and Japanese apparel) come in this “mushroom” color. I do not like mushrooms. I don’t like the way they look/taste/smell/feel, etc. But the one thing I will give mushrooms credit for is having a nice color, and I’m willing to buy products that come in “mushroom”…regardless of the fact that I do not like mushrooms.

The purchases I’ve undertaken this week include black shorts with shoulder straps; a corset-waist, under-the-bust dress with straps; some knee boots (in mushroom); two pairs of denim leggings (originally quite popular in Japan/skinniest jeans evr/bought one got one free?!); aaand potentially some tumblers and kitchen cups (most likely also in mushroom).

I’ll keep you posted.


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