And suddenly I’m remided of why I avoid drinking…

I’m really no fun when I’m drunk. I’m nots a fun drunk. I’m drunk right now actually. And what do I do? II just blog..You see, I’m one of those sleepy, spaced out drunks. I sit, pick a point in the room, and stare at it. That’s all I do. Even trace amounts of alcohol make me sleepy. Gods, vodka tates like shit. I’m really no fun. If you want to have fun with me, don’t get me drunk. Keep me sober. Really. I turn into a vegetable when I’m drunk. I mean, I just don’t do anything.Who thr fuck am I’I just stare at things. It’s really pathetic. my stomach iaf is fucking fucked up. I just wanna star trek I’m not one of those fun party drunks. This is why I prefer to stay sober. I have a lot more to offer that way. I can egange in meaningful conversation if I’m sobert. I can at least do something beyond staring. And blogging. God I’m so useless at this party. It’s so easy to stare. itt’s already really easy to become detached. Being drunk just makes it all the more easy. It just exacerabetes my psychiatirc problems. My arms feel numb rihgt now.SEriosusly don’t get me drhnk. I’m no fun≥÷

so sleepy. I’m just want to fall sape


5 thoughts on “And suddenly I’m remided of why I avoid drinking…

    • Oh, it’s really embarrassing. But what’s funny is the fact that I somehow managed a division symbol when I don’t even know how to type one when sober.

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