This post is about clothing and teeth.

So if you aren’t into clothes/don’t like clothes/don’t wear clothes, etc…ignore. This post in particular is of ma new blouse/skirt/dress thing. Pardon these pics though. I must be having another lo-fi day today, because these are quite possibly the worst photographs I have ever taken.. I dunno what whacked-out camera setting or lighting situation I got myself into, but they were sad enough to where I didn’t even bother to edit them besides a crop and scale (Further proof that I don’t need to be in VisComm. Also…I will soon be in the market for a nicer camera..any suggestions?)

...see? Tis but a blouse.

By day…tis but a blouse.


..But by night (i.e. when coupled with the aforementioned skirt) it becomes more of a tiered, summer party dress type deal. I also think it works nicely with these shoes. All I would need is some bling and a clutch (neither of which I own), and I’d be ready to go.

Again, I apologize for the crap nature of the photos, but …you get the idea. Btw, this is the last time I’m posting a photo of myself on this blog. I loved this blouse skirt combo too much not to post it, but I don’t want to turn into another Jane Aldridge.

If I find something I like wearing even better, then maybe I’ll go back on my word. However, I adore this thing and you will probably see me wearing it every day of the week more or less. So I’m warning you ahead of time….don’t think I’m dirty or slovenly or something. I just will be wearing the same outfit every day for the rest of your life.

Gah, in other news, I got rubber bands on today. The entire bottom third of my face feels like shit.

I’m out.


4 thoughts on “This post is about clothing and teeth.

    I almost had a heartattack.
    also saw shaun and courtney and chris drew, who did not say hello, and bernerd and whatever boys follow him around at Kum and Go at like 11:30pm.
    I was buying a tallboy to bring to the Harry Potter midnight showing that someone talked me into
    i was drunk until the last like 20 minutes.
    needless to say i enjoyed it until the last twenty minutes.

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