Several things…

Rubberbands are incredibly painful, but extremely effective. Ah, you see…I’ve caught onto how these things work. The most painful adjustments yield the greatest improvement. And this doesn’t only ring true for orthodontics. I mean, no pain, no gain, right?

It’s a remarkable process, the movement of teeth. I’ve only been wearing the bands now for a day, but when I take them out to eat and brush I can already feel the difference in the downward shifted position of my upper teeth. Fascinating. But I have to say that when I woke up this morning after wearing them overnight…and on reflex tried to yawn after forgetting that bands were still in place???  ……FUCK. I’m going to take some Aleve or something.

But first I have some news…yesterday my brother finally obtained full legal ownership of the jeep!!! He’s mobile now! He paid it off, got his insurance, got the title, registered it, and got the keys. He drove himself to pick up his contact lenses, and then later on he drove himself out to Westport (where he works and where he parties with other 20-30 somethings each night). And he made it back home safely both times! I am really proud of him. It wasn’t even happening to me, but I felt really liberated for him. I had apparently forgotten who I was though, because later on last night while he was out and I was at home studying…I began having a more typical Ashley response to the prospect of him out in the world, driving on his own…

Thoughts of receiving a frantic, heart-wrenching phone call from my mother while at school fleetingly entered my mind. I concocted a scenario in which he had been in a horrible wreck, had to be airlifted, and was now in critical condition. Then I was imagining that it wasn’t just him who was in the wreck, but also my mom or dad. I imagined having to leave school to attend wakes and funerals. I must have cried uncontrollably for about 20 mins. before realizing something…..

No one had died…no one had even gotten into a wreck.. Nevertheless I had still sobbed all over my textbook for nothing but the overwhelming, crushing anxiety of what could potentially happen. I ended up going to bed shortly thereafter. My eyes were too sore and puffy from crying to try to read or process anything real/coherent. I then had the following dream:

Joyce, Jessica and I were preparing for Thanksgiving dinner. Really it was more like Joyce and Jessica who were cooking and I was pacing around the kitchen complaining about how I hate Thanksgiving. I kept saying that I wouldn’t eat their food. It also happened that Thanksgiving was also the opening night of the new Harry Potter movie. Seriously, most of the dream revolved around this movie (btw, I haven’t seen it in waking life yet, I have just kept hearing about it)…Anyway I was being really difficult and talking shit on Thanksgiving, and I could tell that Joyce and Jessica were getting annoyed with me. Then we were suddenly at the premiere of the new Harry Potter movie. But it wasn’t like a Hollywood premiere…it was just a huge dark theatre filled with like…high school kids, and a ton of people that I recognized from Truman.

People kept milling in and out of the auditorium with food and laptops and other distractions. Joyce, Jessica and I sat down to watch the movie, but I don’t recall actually ever watching it. Maddy, Adam and Kim Suozzi were there and we all talked briefly about our house. Then Joyce, Jessica and I left for a while. I came back to watch it again (it was just running for hours, apparently), and I remember seeing Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens in the auditorium this time. I declared to them that I hated High School Musical. Jeni Graves was there in the front row, and she had apparently scored a cameo appearance in the film because I kept seeing her in the front row and on the screen at the same time. Apparently I had left one of my old laptops in the auditorium, and Zach Klotz had stolen it. I left and then came back to the movie a third time. Jon Pollmann was there, and he tried to tell me that he had feelings for me. I was really confused by this and left the auditorium.

I went into an adjacent room where a bunch of people were sitting at tables on their laptops, and there was some exercise equipment. I exercised for a while until my mom showed up. She said some really strange things to me, and then James appeared. James and I got into some sort of argument over jell-O that had been in the fridge at the house. It was weird. The last part of the dream I remember is being in that second room with Bethany Aurand and Suzie Williams. We were lying on a tarp and Suzie and Bethany were wrestling and laughing really loudly (not seriously, but playfully). It was so bizarre….I was talking animatedly to them about something. The people on the other side of the wall who were still watching Harry Potter were getting annoyed. James came in the room and yelled at us for ruining the movie-viewing experience. Then he stormed out of the auditorium.

Interesting stuff. Anyway, I leave for Chicago early tomorrow morning. Haven’t started packing. >_> That’s on the agenda for today. And I still have to finish studying too. Wish me luck.


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