So in this morning’s dream…I was at a party with this girl and her twin. They were trying to get me drunk. It was really awkward. I noticed she had posted a photo on my Facebook wall that said “I accidentally follow you. Oops” or something along the lines of her hesitantly becoming friends with me. Oddly enough I felt like I was unwillingly being forced into friendship with her as well. It was kind of annoying.

Anyway, I was craving some sort of alcoholic beverage. I felt compelled to be drunk…I also felt compelled to shave under my arms. I escaped the party to find alcohol and shaving cream. On my way out I ran into this boy. He was confronting me or something…he told me that I was ruining things for everyone who was still at the party. I suddenly noticed that I had on a poncho. I made some snide remark at him and then noticed that Allison Sissom was standing behind him looking concerned. Then I was in a black car driving through the mountains somewhere…

The rest of the dream had something to do with bedspreads, and my dad…selling bedspreads?? I don’t know…


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