*blink blink*

Zachary Quinto

Zachary Quinto

Guuuuuuuuuh *ahem*

The more I learn about ZQ, the more I suspect him to be gay. I have no problem with this, if he is in fact gay. However, I’m slowly feeling my attraction waning, which is a shame. I usually have no problem lusting after gay guys, but this time around I am having a hard time lusting after him knowing that he probably wouldn’t/couldn’t lust back (not that a lack of reciprocation has stopped me from lusting after guys in the past…gay or straight). He is suddenly too familiar for me, too ‘fashionable, gay boy next door’.

I’m trying hard to like him. I really am. But I just can’t seem to maintain that sort of interest in him at this point. It also doesn’t help that he seems very lively, comical and approachable in interviews and things. I’m oft drawn to enigmatic men, yet he seems so much an open book. Where is the mystery? The intrigue? It’s like the image of a sleek, prowling jaguar flickering out into a sneezing, fluffy tabby kitten…instead of eliciting an “ooh”, he’s eliciting more of an “aww”. >_>

I’m feeling a little blue right now. I really shouldn’t. I mean, today was a fairly productive day. I was only a shitty driver every time I got behind the wheel, and I excused more money from my wallet than I should have on shoes. I felt useless today. Not only am I unfit to be on the road (srsly, don’t *ever* get in a car with me), but I’m also just an ineffective human being overall. My mom told me that I had no summer shoes. She said she was sick of seeing me leave the house in slippers. You *can* wear Chinese mesh slippers out and about, can’t you?? I don’t see what the problem is. https://i2.wp.com/lib.store.yahoo.net/lib/villagestreetwear/meshslippersmain.jpg

Anyway, what was my answer to this? Purchase 5 pairs of sandals. God, I’m useless. Utterly useless. They are all very cute and all, and I was admittedly in dire of need non-slipper shoes. But boy, if I ever felt the need to no longer have feet…..it was after I put that nice dent in my savings. And I’m usually not such an impulsive spender. I’m actually usually kind of a tightwad. But I honestly do not know what had overcome me in that shoe store.

In addition to this, I also purchased two pairs of shorts today. I know…you’re probably thinking sandals? shorts? Who the fuck is this? Certainly not A-Long. I don’t normally expose my legs or feet, but I’m trying this new thing where I actually let my skin see the light of day. Then maybe my skin tone will even out or something…

Here is some really shitty original shoetography. I will leave some things (i.e. exact colors) to the imagination.

Who knows? Maybe showing off all this excessive leg I’ve got (seriously 70% of my body) could be useful in other ways?? No…..not like that. I mean, it could be confidence building?

Metronomy vs. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Cheated Hearts Could Be Beautiful


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