God. I’m such a sucker for brunettes.

On my playlist right now is some Out Hud, Miami Horror, Fool’s Gold,  Ghosthustler, Mellowdrone and Max Justus.

First up on my playlist right now is Miami Horror. “Make You Mine” … Yep, that’s the one. And no…it’s not just because it features the creamy vocals of Alan Palomo…although that is definitely a major selling point for me. But, it’s overall a good track.

Miami Horror – “Make You Mine” (2008)

If I hadn’t told you it was him, would you have recognized that voice?? Following on that vein of thought, I would post some Ghosthustler, but I can’t find a vid for “Only Me To Trust”…I swear…this is why Alan Palomo appears in my dreams. Ghosthustler is a band that Alan fronted back in 2007, but which he has since left to pursue some rather beautiful solo projects. Which reminds me..I would like to plug Psychic Chasms real quick…


This next song from Mellowdrone makes me feel sappy (in a good way). For you Mellowdrone fans…consider me converted. The song is good, but besides that….the lead vocalist is just fucking hot.

Mellowdrone – “Fashionably Uninvited” (2006)

I am really digging Out Hud’s stuff from 2005 right now. I really wanted to post “Stoked American”, but I couldn’t find it in video form anywhere. So, here’s “It’s For You”. If you haven’t already listened to them, you should check out “Stoked”…they had me at that song. They are fun.

Last but not least, Fool’s Gold’s “Surprise Hotel” is very groovy. It’s in Hebrew, so I don’t know what they’re saying. But I think I like it. I like their white suits too. The full length album comes out September 29th.

Fool’s Gold – “Surprise Hotel” (2009)

And Max Justus…again, couldn’t find the video for the particular song I wanted. :/ boo.


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