Sips, trips & birthday boy blues

So….the old first-born turns 25 today. The big 2-5. The big halfway to 50. The big OMG YOU’RE A QUARTER OF A CENTURY OLD WHAT ARE YOU STILL DOING IN OUR PARENTS’ HOUSE?

*sigh* I’m not implying that I want to kick him out, nor am I implying that people must be out of their ‘rents house by the time they are 25. Believe me, I’m all for finding oneself and taking one’s time if necessary. It’s not that. It’s just that…. he has been rather reluctant to spread his wings, and he has got our whole family wondering why a bright, healthy, potent young man would opt to stay cooped up in his parents’ house at 25?? I really want my brother to succeed in life and to become independent, responsible and lead a productive adult life. But from the time he was 18 or so until now, he has seemed to be stagnating here in our house… stagnating like the 3 or 4 or 5 day old bowl of ???? he probably has stuffed under a crusty pile of clothes on his floor. Christopher Allen is not big into cleaning, nor is he big into moving out and getting started on his own life adventures…even though my parents have recommended both to him.

I sometimes feel kind of bad for the bloke. I mean, he’s 25 now, he chose not to attend college (which was up to him, yes…although we had the means to send him), and so he’s been spending most of his young adult life still under parental control/supervision/tyranny. He works a job or two, but they don’t give him good hours…nor that good of benefits. He has struggled to make payments on the jeep he was supposed to be purchasing from my aunt years ago, and thus has little mobility. And at this point, it seems like he has no intentions of finding a place on his own or really venturing out into the world at all….I have to wonder…will he still be living here when I turn 25???

Every July I go through this…secretly hoping, wishing that the urge to grow up and take off will suddenly hit him around midnight on the 9th, and then the next day he magically realizes that he’s no longer afraid, and that he wants to stop watching commercials so that he can get on with his regularly scheduled adulthood. I try not to say too much because I know I have a few harsh realities to come to grips with myself before I’m ready to take off, but…I at least feel motivated by my parents, my peers and by my own aspirations to see to it that I make that transition. Christopher on the other hand, remarkably does not. In fact, if you dare to question Christopher about his situation, he’s likely to respond with an irrelevant quote from Dave Chappelle, or more commonly a high-pitched reference to little boys (R.I.P, MJ). Nevertheless, today will be celebrated and will pass just like it does every year.

Like I said, in no way am I trying to roast my brother behind his back or anything. I just want to express some of the concerns that I have for him (which yes, I have brought up with him before in the past). I mean, I’m concerned for him every day of the year, but especially today, as I know that with the passing of a birthday usually comes a period of self-evaluation….a recapping of what has or hasn’t been accomplished over the course of the past year. I know that I can’t save today, but I don’t want him to be sitting around this house counting his regrets the next time July 10th rolls around. Anyway….enough about the brat.

My mom decided earlier this week that she and I were going to go on a girls’ day out excursion on Saturday in order to prepare me for my trip to Chicago. It was also decided that I will play the part of the chauffeur, and she will play the part of the passenger’s seat driver. I will return tomorrow with the details of what could potentially be yet another harrowing experience out on the road with mother. We’ll go shopping (I have no money), wining and dining (underage and I have no money), and maybe even hit up a salon or two (did I mention I have caterpillar brows..and no money?). It’s gonna be grand! And hey, if things go well, I might even…buy a new dress? Yes? No? She says I need summer clothes. >_> We’ll see.

Last but perhaps not least, check it out! This blog is rapidly approaching 1,000 sips. Again, this milestone amounts to little more than nothing, but consider this a “shout-out” (is it still the 90s? Do people still do shout-outs?) to the people who regularly sip on this blog and willingly ingest my daily streams of consciousness… 🙂 Thanks for drinking.

Oh, and before I forget…

But where is her whip??

Ah, but where is her whip??


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