There is something about guys in uniforms that is totally hot. Uniforms of any type really, except for maybe police officer uniforms, those just make me nervous…But I guess it is the implication of one’s compliance to social structures and regulations, a sense of one’s commitment or achievement, and a sign of one’s belonging to something greater than oneself.

I don’t know why these things are necessarily attractive, but I’m sure the attraction has some sort of evolutionary basis. I think uniforms generally convey a sense of societal importance, and people are naturally attracted to other people whom they deem socially “important”, no? We’re attracted to people who can command respect, people who can more readily affect change…are we not? We’re essentially attracted to their power and the possibilities open to a person of rank.

But I don’t just sit around all day fantasizing about naval cadets, nor do I fantasize about mailmen. I will say however, that I am particularly intrigued by graduation regalia. I was telling Jeff a few weeks ago that any guy whom I might not normally find attractive, could put on a cap and gown and I’d totally be into him (assuming he’s not a relative and assuming I have no prior reason to dislike him). Again, I think it’s the suggestion of an educated individual who now wields a degree, and the increased potency or potential of that individual to contribute to society…that’s what really gets me going. It’s just massively hot.

I’m not claiming to know anything about what is or isn’t sexy, but there is something about graduating that I find extremely “sexy”. It’s kind of like how I find airports to be really sexy (also great places to find people in uniform…). Train stations, military bases, libraries, auditoriums…There’s something totally sexy about places that transport or educate people, places from which we can control various societal operations….places that can affect change. ….if I ever set foot in the White House…

But seriously, a successfully completed round of higher education might be the most effective aphrodisiac as far as I’m concerned. And what better way to show it than putting on a dress and a silly tassle hat? I fall into lust over graduates so easily, but *only* while they are in graduate attire. So I guess it can’t just be the degree that gets me hot, because once they change clothes, I lose interest. How odd is that??

I mean, yes….there are some decidedly unsexy things about graduating (in terms of college, at least)….these often include the anticlimactic move back in with the ‘rents after the party’s over, the inevitable barrage of the “So what are your plans??” question and its variants, as well as the sudden lack of health insurance to name just a few.. But my god…will this all be worth it for that glorious two hours or so of seeing approx. 600 of my male peers mill around in caps and gowns?? Yes…yes it will be. Oh, and it’ll be worth it for the degree too, of course.

I imagine she is standing in the White House...

You understand, right Zoë?? I know….neither of us can resist a man in a Starfleet uniform…


4 thoughts on “Mmmm…graduates.

    • wat? oh shush you. I have faith that you will graduate. And when you do, I will be standing there…gazing lovingly..or lustfully?? Either way it’s gonna be both, but take your pick.

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