A Zoë a day keeps the ugly away?

Get em', girl.

Get em', girl.

I jest. Anyway, I go to get my orthodontics tightened today. *frown*. Goodbye food. Hello Advil.

Last night was interesting in terms of dreaming, but I don’t recall as much as I normally would. I remember being aboard a spaceship of some sort…and then I remember Alan Palomo was there. He was teaching me logic or something. I remember him making me answer questions from a workbook. At first it seemed like they were math problems, but if they were, they were like extended word problems that not only required you to come up with quantities but to also provide a train of reasoning for your method, and a description of how those quantities would be necessitated by or applied to the context of the problem. I’m fairly certain that this required me to read in the dream, because I remembered spending a long time looking at the questions and then answering a few of them, and comparing them to one another. Perhaps I wasn’t reading by text this time around though…there were large images. I might have been making up the questions just by looking at the images. I don’t know. It all seemed very complicated….. But more importantly why Alan Palomo?????

The last part of the dream is much easier to recall. I went shopping. I remember looking around for shoes, but the store was mostly sold out of their shoes. I found a few pairs of gladiator sandals, but they were all size 9s (I wear womens’ 9.5 – 10). I then remember being in the ATO basement, but it looked more like my basement. Jess Wright was there. I sat next to her in front of the washer and dryer while I tried on some shoes. We had some brief conversation, but I don’t remember what it was about. She got up and left, and Franklin was suddenly in her place. He started talking about pudding, and I told him that if I had to choose, I would rather be a pie than be a pudding. He said that I had made a really good point. Then I had to go or something. I didn’t even get to finish trying on those shoes.

I don’t remember much else from this dream. I went to bed with the intention of becoming lucid, but of course my planning to do something in such a fragile environment never works. The last time I was lucid in a dream must have been several years ago. I never recorded these dreams, but remarkably I still remember the basic premise of them even after all these years. The memorable ones always stick.

I remember two instances, but I don’t know which occurred first: In one instance I was aboard some type of military vessel, and there was a wedding going on. I was in the wedding party, but just shortly before whoever was getting married had said their vows, I snapped into lucidity. I walked right up between the bride and groom, turned around and then walked down the aisle. That’s all I recall. In the other instance, I was some sort of agent exploring some abandoned pueblo-style buildings. I realized that I had a gun, and then I became lucid. All I remember is stepping outside and looking up at a giant hill and not knowing how I would get over it.

As far as I’m aware those are the only two times it has ever happened, and neither happened recently. I’m going to try to see if I can induce it by trying various bedtime rituals. I don’t know what these rituals will be, but I will get back to you once I decide.

I’ll be back. Wish me and my teeth good luck!


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