Come on, Toronto..

So today marks the 17th day of the city-wide garbage strike in Toronto, Ontario. Garbage collection services in the city were halted June 21, after union workers decided they could no longer put up with not receiving paid sick days. The strike also extends to city pools, summer camps, daycare services, and other city recreational services.

Toronto had a garbage strike back in 2002, but it was resolved in 16 days. This time around however, it has gone on to the point where people are no longer just dumping their garbage in assigned drop-off areas. Apparently union picketers are blockading those areas, and so the rest of the city has given up and is resorting to trashing the entire place, which now effectively smells like a poopy diaper.

This of course has little relevance to me as a non-Toronto resident, except for the fact that I am appalled by it, thus compelled to blog about it. Not only is the city-wide over-accumulation of refuse a health hazard (especially in the muggy summer months), but people are concerned that it’s going to hurt Toronto’s tourist appeal…which, yeah if your city smells like an unkempt public restroom…

Now I am all for the underdog (the union workers) standing up to the man (Mayor Miller) and getting the work benefits that they may rightfully deserve. However, Mayor Miller maintains that meeting their demands is difficult given the recession that has been affecting Canadians as well as Americans. I would argue that the union workers should be more aware of this widespread economic distress, and try to stave off striking until the economy recovers a bit (by which time their demands might be more easily met), or at least until the winter months. But the catch-22 is that city workers probably want those benefits now more than ever. Still…this is …fairly unacceptable.

I favor a happy ending to this stinky disagreement, but the prospect ain’t looking good for the union, Mayor Miller or the tax-payers who just want their trash picked up. Toronto residents can’t even enjoy a summer afternoon outdoors in public recreational spaces due to the stench. Come on…

In unrelated news, I spent most of last night watching Spock/Uhura music videos on YouTube and neglecting these two chapters I’m suppose to be reading for this week’s Physiological psych test. 😦 Blaaah I love psychology but I so want this class to be over. I have to get my braces tightened tomorrow (*cry*). In a week or so, I will be heading off to Chicago for a friend’s apartment-warming party. I will be gone for a week. I briefly considered attending Pitchfork, but…I need to save monies (not that it would be that expensive, but I also have to take into account the fact that Steph and her friends aren’t into indie music and probably wouldn’t want to accompany me). Following this, I will be packing/cleaning/shopping and preparing to head back to the ville mid-August.

I have no other updates at this time, except for this photo of Zoë.

omg so pretty

omg so pretty

Don’t you think she looks like Tatyana Ali, here??


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