I will admit to it.

I’ve been listening to Samantha Mumba tonight. Anyone who knows me well knows that I have the mind of a 20-something, but the heart of an 11-year-old girl. Samantha Mumba still makes me feel sassy; The Princess Diaries still makes me feel empowered; sleepovers still make me feel gossipy; Lizzie McGuire and textiles with cutesy patterns still make me feel trendy; I still live in TV wonderland, wishing that all of my problems were episodic and could be resolved within a span of 30 mins. (including commercial breaks); and boys still make me cringe yet swoon at the same time (weird how that works, isn’t it?).

But none of these things imply that I’m immature or maladjusted. They just imply that I appreciate the principles and spirit of being innocent, impressionable and relatively care-free. My preteen years were fairly good times in my life. I wasn’t yet overly self-conscious and I wasn’t particularly aware of all the ills and vices of the world (or if I was, they had little relevance to me or my friends). I was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed (i.e. sheltered), and was overall a pretty neat kid up until I was about 17. Then something unfortunate happened — I gradually started getting out of the house more and began developing feelings for real boys who had the potential to hurt me, as opposed to only the impossibly perfect/distant celebrity man-bots that I had lusted after earlier in my youth.

Needless to say, I’ve yet to recover.

Gosh, does anyone else think that Zoë Saldana closely resembles Samantha Mumba? Every time I watch Star Trek, I imagine Uhura serenading Spock with songs from Mumba’s debut album, “Gotta Tell You”. It’s….really weird.


Samantha Mumba


Zoë Saldana

They are like…practically the same woman. *sigh*…and both so lovely. I would give my *insert valuable possession and/or body part here* to be half as poised, photogenic, and glamorous. Instead I’m painfully awkward, camera shy, and could use a good eyebrow pluck.

In other news, I slept like shit last night….thanks to JOYCE, who kept spooning me into the edge of her bed. Haha, just kidding actually…the spooning didn’t bother me. But I still did not sleep well. Not sure why. I’m think I’m going to go scavenge around the house for dessert, and maybe watch Star Trek.





Did I mention that they are gorgeous? Be prepared for me to photo-molest you with Samantha and Zoë comparison pics for the remainder of the summer…

Samantha Mumba – Don’t Need You To (Tell Me I’m Pretty). …Apparently this appeared on the Legally Blonde soundtrack?


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