New – Nou – Nue – Neu

A new track by Neon Indian, “Terminally Chill”, just came out yesterday. You can check it out at Pitchfork if you so fancy. Video artist Alicia Scardetta has been confirmed as Palomo’s partner in crime. Their full-length album is due out October 13, with the following tracklisting:

01 (AM)
02 Deadbeat Summer
03 Laughing Gas
04 Terminally Chill
05 (If I Knew, I’d Tell You)
06 6669 (I Don’t Know If You Know)
07 Should Have Taken Acid With You
08 Mind, Drips
09 Psychic Chasms
10 Local Joke
11 Ephemeral Artery
12 7000 (reprise)

Of note is the fact that “Seriously, It’s Over” does not appear on this full-length, unless it has been renamed. I’m hoping this is the case, seeing as it’s a great song…a little on the short side, but still very much so album-worthy. I also dig how they have “numbered” 6669 and its reprise.

Meanwhile, I am watching Star Trek again, and swooning over Quinto…againto. Get sum, Uhura.

WEB GQ Germany - June 2009 pg 2.jpg

yow, baybee.

Seriously. I’m usually fairly unfazed by appeals of the sexual nature, and I have light suspicions that Quinto might be gay (emphasis on “light” and “might”), but this photo?? Let’s just say I wouldn’t mind boarding his Starship Enterprise, if you catch my drift. ^_~

(…that one was for you, Jeff. I could also make a joke here involving the Vulcan salute but…I digress.)


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